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“With years of certain knowledge as members of IACCM, we are vehement to benefaction an Ask a Expert webinar on this rarely applicable topic” Russ Edelman, CEO, Corridor Company

Corridor Company, Inc., a heading provider of agreement lifecycle government program powered by a SharePoint and Office 365 platforms, is gratified to announce a appearance with IACCM in a arriving webinar, “Office 365 – Microsoft’s Go Forward Platform For Content and Contracts.” In a corner presentation, Corridor CEO Russ Edelman and IACCM will plead a continued expansion of Office 365 as a heading cloud services provider and how this can be leveraged to solve formidable agreement government challenges.

With 43,000 members opposite 170 countries and 17,606 corporations, IACCM is a heading collaborative village for sales contracting, procurement, blurb government and authorised functions. IACCM enables both open and private zone organizations and professionals to grasp world-class standards in their constrictive and attribute government routine and skills.

The webinar takes place on Thursday, Jun 14, 2018, from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m. EDT. Registration is accessible by IACCM’s website during

Office 365, Microsoft’s fastest flourishing product to date, provides a rarely scalable and cloud-based practical computing height that reduces and eliminates an organization’s inner infrastructure. Adopted by over 80% of Fortune 500 companies, it represents Microsoft’s primary go-forward cloud charity and encompasses pivotal capabilities including web versions of Microsoft Office (Word/Excel/PowerPoint), SharePoint and Exchange/Outlook. Its prevalence, built-in capability tools, first-class confidence and remoteness controls, and premier scalability and trustworthiness make it an glorious height for an organization’s agreement government requirements.

In this webinar, Edelman will inspect a significance of agreement government and a hurdles that organizations face when implementing agreement government systems. He will plead a pervasiveness of Office 365, and how this height can be employed to residence these agreement government challenges. Edelman will serve prominence how organizations can precedence a Office 365 height to yield a entirely robust, end-to-end agreement lifecycle government application.

“With years of certain knowledge as members of IACCM, we are vehement to benefaction an Ask a Expert webinar on this rarely applicable topic,” says Edelman. “Office 365 has achieved good movement in terms of adoption and increasing familiarity. Microsoft’s continued investment in a cloud supports a vital instruction for a platform.”

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Enterprise Contract Management is fast evolving. With a approach impact on your company’s profit, money upsurge and risk, a ability to effectively and well conduct your contracts is an operational imperative. Corridor Company couples a 20 years of knowledge in elucidate both elementary and formidable agreement government hurdles with a subsequent era craving agreement government program powered by a Office 365 and SharePoint platforms. We broach high availability, secure solutions that work. To learn because companies such as AARP, BAE-AI, Serco, and many others select Corridor as their agreement government partner, revisit

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