Corsair Glaive RGB

What is a Corsair Glaive RGB?

The Glaive RGB from Corsair is a gaming rodent that aims to interest to all gamers. Allowing for a user to fast hot-swap opposite side pieces, a Glaive is a rarely versatile rodent that gamers can adjust to fit their hands and play style.

But while opening is excellent, and it’s good matched to games of all genres, we can’t assistance yet feel that Corsair should have implemented some-more facilities to truly make a Glaive a rodent for everyone.

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Corsair Glave RGB – Design, Build and Features

The Glaive is incomparable than a average-sized mouse, with a sincerely prolonged and slight structure. Its pattern fits in simply with a rest of mice in Corsair’s range, with a vast RGB-equipped Corsair trademark station unapproachable opposite a Glaive’s matte-black finish. It’s especially done from plastic, yet an aluminium bar can be found along a tip of a mouse. It’s accessible in dual colour options: jet black and aluminium (tested).

In a core you’ll find 5 LED indicators that fact a stream DPI stage, a DPI toggle switch, scroll-wheel and click buttons. The scroll-wheel is grippy and flows simply in use – although, sadly, it isn’t illuminated. The left and right clicks use Omron switches with a brief transport distance, and Corsair claims that any can final for 50 million clicks. Note that these aren’t user-replaceable as with Asus’ Gladius II, however.


The right of a rodent has a rubberised finish to assist with grip, nonetheless it’s a left side of a rodent that creates a Glaive mount out from a crowd. Here lay a common retrograde and forwards buttons, yet next them are a array of magnets and grooves, both of that concede for a easy designation of a enclosed side grips.

Three are provided, any with incompatible characteristics that will fit opposite forms of player. Two are likewise shaped, though any genuine holder from a mouse’s edge. One has a well-spoken created coating, while a other opts for a identical rubber finish as found on right of a mouse. The third hold is roughly fin-like in shape, with a grippy rubber pad that allows for easier ride resting.

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While it’s loyal that any hold is indeed different, nothing seem to totally change a ergonomics of a mouse. This is somewhat odd, since if Corsair had enclosed swappable tip and side covers, it would have felt like a truly personalised rodent to any new buyer.


The altogether feel of a Glaive RGB is really gentle in a hand, and while it won’t fit everyone, we found that it took a really brief time to adjust accordingly. It lacks any special buttons such as a ‘sniper’ seen on a M65 Pro RGB, though, so if you’re looking for additional functionality afterwards we might be unhappy here.

The underside of a rodent houses a 16,000 DPI visual sensor, and 5 Teflon pads for well-spoken gliding over surfaces. A 1.8m braided wire is trustworthy to a rodent – yet unfortunately, it can’t be private by a user. There’s also no weight adjustment.


Corsair Glaive RGB – Performance

Using a Glaive has been a pleasure from start to finish. Whether it’s gaming, working, or anything in between, I’ve found a device glides uniformly with glorious precision. Tracking is excellent, though any snippet anomalies or other undesired behaviour. The technical numbers are high here, with a 1000Hz polling rate and 16,000 DPI maximum. In a genuine world, you’re really doubtful to use anything tighten to that 16,000 DPI figure, yet during a some-more essential environment of 2000, a sensor achieved superbly in all scenarios.

Most of my gaming has been with Bethesda’s Prey – a sci-fi first-person shooter. The Glaive authorised for accurate traversal opposite Talos 1 with pinpoint accuracy, with a sensor responding to my movements fast and easily. Lifting a rodent for crack shots has valid somewhat trickier than on a smaller rodent such as a Qpad DX-20, for example, yet it’s distant from unfit to turn happily proficient to a Glaive’s weight and shape.

If you’re some-more of a rival gamer, afterwards you’ll also be gratified to know that we was means to have many successful games of Gears of War 4 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Each click feels poignant and responsive, and while I’d privately still rather have a rodent such as a Corsair M65 or Gladius II for their ‘sniper’ buttons – that reduce a DPI while pulpy – we can’t error a Glaive’s gaming performance.


Corsair Glaive RGB – Software and RGB

The Glaive uses Corsair’s CUE program for opening adjustments and lighting control. It’s easy to use, and puts rivals from Cooler Master and Asus to shame. It’s elementary to regulate a rodent opposite your surface, and DPI settings can be narrowed down by a singular series – that is really impressive.

The RGB lighting is splendid and vivid, and does a good pursuit of jazzing adult your desk. Effects can be customised and synced with other peripherals, with highlights including a rainbow effect, and ‘Visor’, that sees a beat of colour span along my K95 Platinum to ping opposite to a Glaive. This poise will need a additional Corsair peripherals, so if you’ve already invested in a Razer or Logitech ecosystem for instance, we might wish to take this into consideration.


Should we buy a Corsair Glaive RGB?

The Glaive is a technically glorious product. It’s good built, has a glorious sensor, and is ideal for games of all genres. My categorical emanate is with a turn of customisability – in all honesty, we approaching more. If Corsair had implemented a larger series of modules, weight composition and maybe swappable buttons and switches, it would be tough to find any fault.

This would have combined additional cost, of course, and during a RRP of £69.99, a Glaive is already a somewhat aloft labelled mouse. If we value performance, don’t need an extreme underline set, and we like a pattern on offer – you’ll positively conclude your time with a Glaive.



A shining gaming rodent – yet it doesn’t utterly live adult to it’s full fan potential.

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