Covoco Disrupts 60 Year Old Voice Over Industry

Covoco – Human Voices In Every Language

Human Voices in Any Language

Covoco is bridging a opening between calm producers and voice talent by reinventing a ecosystem.

The voice over attention has not altered most given a personal ads epoch — fundamentally a black box for those on both sides of a employing equation. At Covoco, we use slicing corner record and tellurian curation to repair a unfair, damaged talent engagement complement and commission voice talents to find suggestive opportunities matched to their ability sets, while assisting companies turn a personification by joining with a best talent. It’s a win-win.

The immature group during Covoco, located over 3 continents, is on a goal to streamline and yield a complicated proceed to a 60 year aged attention that is still confused largely. Covoco business indication is desirous by universe changing tellurian and distributed companies like Uber and Airbnb.

However Covoco is holding it one step with a Online Voice Project government partnership system, that enables producers and talent to combine online seamlessly with an combined confidence of a Three Party Collaboration System. Covoco not usually helps producers name and work with voice artist though also safeguard that a plan is delivered according to clients expectations.

Covoco’s online height enables calm producers and creators to Find, Hire, Pay Work online with a ideal Voice Talent in any denunciation accent, on-demand, during any scale, from anywhere in a universe and during a satisfactory cost point.

Using a exclusive intelligent relating algorithm Covoco connects calm producers with a right voice talent by examining a talents’ voice a Audition brief. For any try-out hosted on Covoco voice talent from opposite a universe attend online. The writer can collect and select a right voice for their projects.

Covoco gives companies an on-demand entrance to voice over talent that meets or surpass each pursuit requirement. Supporting projects of all sizes from brief videos to radio documentaries.

Covoco is creation it easy for voice talent opposite a universe to precedence a height and record to simply try-out and sell their voice to clients creators from any location. Their talent should matter, not their location. They should be means to emanate a consistent source of gain with their voice.

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