Crosley Cruiser II Gadget

What is a Crosley Cruiser II?

The vinyl quip continues to accumulate momentum, and we can’t have helped though notice Crosley’s operation of retro-chic record players flash their hipster-friendliness in an augmenting series of emporium windows.

The Cruiser II is an expansion of one of a company’s many renouned models, now with a choice of battery energy to supplement loyal portability to a settlement that includes built-in stereo speakers and loudness in a briefcase-style casing.

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Crosley Cruiser II – Design and Features

When we initial unpacked a Crosley Cruiser II, it wasn’t tough to see because these unstable turntables have been desirable so many people of late. The leatherette-covered wooden box with a steel equipment and tweed-lined lid is a smashing reversion to a golden age of vinyl.

I tested a understated black version, though it’s also accessible in blue, green, orange or a varicoloured mozaic settlement that has a really 1960s vibe.

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Crosley Cruiser II 10

On a front (or top) of a case, possibly side of a lift handle, are a dual tiny grilles for a stereo speakers, while around a conflicting finish are a battery cell housing 6 AAs, energy socket, RCA stereo phono line outlay and 3.5mm headphones socket.

Opening a steel grip and opening a lid reveals a small, plastic, belt-driven platter and a cheap-looking metal-tube tonearm. The tonearm ends in a cosmetic headshell propitious with a inexpensive ceramic cartridge, and it has an arm lift.

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There are 3 controls: one switch to change between 33/45/78rpm record speeds, another switch to spin a auto-return on or off, and a volume doorknob that doubles as an on/off switch.

It’s a genuine contrition that so most bid has been done to make a surrounding demeanour a part, nonetheless a hardware inside is so cheap-feeling and flimsy.

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Crosley Cruiser II – Performance

The Cruiser II’s cartridge is of a old-school, sapphire-tipped ceramic variety, that has really low correspondence and requires a high tracking force to beget a decent adequate vigilance to amplify. Unfortunately, this means they put a lot of wear on record grooves.

Sure enough, my digital sign review 5.93g of downward force from a Cruiser II’s needle – high, though most a same as a now-discontinued Vestax Handy Trax unstable we had to hand, that weighed in during 5.85g. However, a Vestax is designed usually for occasional use, and we shouldn’t frequently put some-more than 2-3g of force on a record if we wish to keep it sounding frail and clear.

With a needle touching down on a record – zero too precious, not with that tracking force! – a sound peculiarity from a built-in stereo speakers was a subsequent object to offend. The Crosley Cruiser II sounds muffled and boxed in – I’ve listened inexpensive Bluetooth speakers that sound improved (albeit some-more screechy). Even a small mono orator on a Vestax Handy Trax valid some-more impressive, and that’s observant something.

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Should we buy a Crosley Cruiser II?

While Crosley should be applauded for charity such a inexpensive track into vinyl playback, it’s tough to suggest a Cruiser II. The ceramic cartridge will put extreme wear on your records, and a speakers sound only terrible. If Crosley had put as most bid into a wiring as it has into a authentically retro styling, it competence have ramped adult a cost – though it would have been value it.

If we have any genuine adore for music, bill some-more for a record-playing complement that will do probity to your vinyl.


An enticing-looking unstable turntable that sounds too awful to recommend.

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