Crosley Dansette Bermuda Gadget

What is a Crosley Bermuda?

The Crosley Bermuda is a retro-tastic distraction of a all-in-one vinyl-spinning Dansette systems of yesteryear. As good as a turntable, it has a possess stereo speakers and amplification, and can mount unapproachable on 4 legs to make it a flattering distinguished centrepiece for your home.

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Crosley Dansette Bermuda 6

Crosley Bermuda – Design and Features

I acknowledge we got a pile in my throat when we initial saw a Bermuda. When we was little, my relatives gave me an aged red Dansette, on that we mostly listened to aged Elvis singles and Procol Harum’s “Whiter Shade of Pale” over and over.

Like that selected Dansette, a Bermuda is lonesome mostly in red canvas, and it looks splendidly retro. There’s cream board covering many of a lid, a grey cloth grille over a speakers, and a grey vinyl hoop on a side. In multiple with a latter are a span of clasps on possibly side to make a Bermuda portable, nonetheless it runs off mains energy only, from a tiny wall-wart transformer.

The cosmetic tools – a 33/45rpm speed selector inside, a source and volume knobs on a front, and a tiny image for a 3.5mm headphones hollow and line submit – have a easily aged look, like old, yellowing plastic.

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Crosley Dansette Bermuda 7

Out of a box, a 4 leg holes underneath are plugged with cosmetic bungs, so a Crosley Bermuda can be sat on a list or sideboard, though there are 4 rather nice, ebonised-wood legs granted that screw into a holes and make a Bermuda freestanding. It unexpected becomes a home centrepiece.

The platter and tonearm, by comparison, are a bit naff. As with a Crosley Cruiser II, it seems that copiousness of bid has been put into creation a box demeanour great, and afterwards a tangible turntable tools have been an afterthought.

The tonearm has nothing of a unconditional beauty of a aged Dansette units – it’s only a steel tube with a cheap-looking cosmetic headshell and a tiny steel counterweight. There’s also no auto-return or arm lift – only a tiny finger lift built into a headshell.

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Crosley Dansette Bermuda 8

I was during slightest gratified to see that a Bermuda’s tonearm is propitious with an Audio-Technica moving-magnet cartridge with a hard-wearing solid stylus, rather than a cheaper sapphire-tipped ceramic cartridge used in other Crosley models. A deputy stylus costs only £10.

Crosley Bermuda – Performance

Having gifted first-hand how high Crosley sets a tracking weight on a turntables – a Crosley Cruiser II that we tested was during a record-grinding 5.94g! – we suspicion I’d improved cocktail my beam underneath a Bermuda’s needle. They review 5.34g. Ah, though afterwards we beheld that a counterweight on a Bermuda’s tonearm is indeed adjustable, so we wound it right behind and attempted again. Bang on 5g. Ouch.

Since a Bermuda uses a relocating magnet cartridge rather than a ceramic form used by a Cruiser models, there’s unequivocally no need to request so most force on a record grooves unless it’s an try to make adult for a bad tracking ability of a inexpensive tonearm. Whatever a reason, it’s going to means a lot of wear and rip on your changed vinyl.

Crosley Dansette Bermuda 9

On a and side, a sound from a Bermuda’s stereo speakers isn’t too terrible. It’s a large ascent on a Cruiser models, that’s for sure. Just don’t design anything coming high fealty – a sonics are some-more same to a mid-priced Bluetooth orator than an entry-level micro hi-fi.

Should we buy a Crosley Bermuda?

It’s a contrition – we unequivocally wanted to like a Bermuda, and in so many ways we do. However, that worryingly high tracking force would stop me from wanting to play any appreciated annals on it. And that arrange of negates a indicate of owning one.

As with a Cruiser II, we feel like Crosley should deposit some-more in a turntable components and travel adult a cost a little. Even if it was £300, though though causing undue vinyl wear, I’d be distant some-more prone to suggest a Bermuda than we am now.


A poetic object, though not a turntable to buy if we value your records.

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