CROSSFIRE 2018 Global Invitational to be hold this Jul in…

Smilegate Entertainment has announced that ‘CROSSFIRE 2018 Global Invitational (CFGI 2018)’ will take place in Jul during Taicang-Shanghai, China to establish a final champion among a tellurian CROSSFIRE pro joining champions.

As this contest is hold a third time in 3 uninterrupted years, a tip 2 Chinese teams from CROSSFIRE Pro-league contest (CFPL), a pro-league champions of CFEL Season 1 in Brazil, a Philippines, and Vietnam, and one organisation competent for an invitation from a North American segment famous as ‘Carbon’ (previously famous as ‘STDx’) will join together to contest in this tellurian invitational tournament. A sum of 6 teams from all over a universe will be severe any other for a CFGI championship title.

The contest will be hold for 5 days starting from Jul 25th to a 29th, and a organisation rough and semi-final rounds will swell by a 25th to a 27th in Taicang. The Grand Final compare will be hold in Shanghai on Jul 29th, that will establish a final champion organisation of a tournament. The sum esteem income is $100K (USD) and a champion organisation will be rewarded $50K (USD) of a sum share.

CF Mobile Invitational that has been a new success in Vietnam, will also be hold in this tournament. Currently, a sum of 4 teams from Korea, China, Vietnam and Thailand will be attending a tournament, with a sum esteem income of $50K (USD). It is a fourth CF Mobile Invitational contest given a first, and a distance and approval has been invariably growing.

“CFGI is a categorical contest that will prominence a opening of a best personification pro joining teams that have intensity to be a champion of CROSSFIRE STARS,” pronounced Brady Yeo, Head of CROSSFIRE eSports in Smilegate Entertainment. “As it is famous as one of a many distinguished tournaments hosted before CROSSFIRE STARS that will be hold during a finish of this year, we wish all fans can continue to yield their support and interest.”

Further sum on CFGI 2018 can be found in a central website (

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