Crucial BX100 250GB Review

What is a Crucial BX100 250GB?

We’ve formerly touted Crucial’s MX-series SSDs as tantalizing bill options, though a organisation has lowered a separator to entrance even serve with a BX100. This new affordable charity is accessible in 120GB – 1TB sizes, with a 256GB representation we’ve reviewed here costing £80.

That’s a tantalizing price, though it’s usually 10 pounds cheaper than a considerable MX200 – and it’s a same cost as a comparison MX100. It’s also got foe from SanDisk’s Ultra II and a OCZ Arc, that both cost £80 for 240GB drives.

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Crucial BX100 250GB – Design

The BX100 veers divided from a Marvell-based hardware we’ve seen in prior Crucial drives. Instead, Crucial deploys a Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller, that is a initial time we’ve seen this chip inside an SSD. It’s an engaging bit of kit: usually single-core in contrariety to a triple-core designs used by Samsung in a drives.

Crucial BX100

The single-core pattern allows energy expenditure to be reduced, that can revoke feverishness and minister to improved battery life in laptops.

The new controller is interconnected with informed memory. Micron-made NAND appears here – no warn given Micron owns Crucial – and it’s a same 16nm things found inside a MX100 and MX200 drives.

The BX100 ticks a simple selection boxes with support for SMART and TRIM, though it’s blank a integrate of some-more lush features. There’s no pointer of a energetic SLC caching that debuted in a considerable MX200, and there’s no encryption either.

The continuation rating is mediocre, too. The 250GB indication we’ve reviewed is slated for 72TB of use, that matches a comparison MX100 though is 8TB behind a revised rating in a MX200.

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