Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 Audio Review

What is a Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7?

Cuby 7 is a wireless orator versed with nifty new record that aims to discharge a age-old problem of a ‘sweet spot’. Called WiSound, this audio creation has been grown over several years by engineers from Crystal Acoustics and academics during a University of Patras, Greece.

Traditional speakers customarily broach best sound peculiarity if you’re sitting in a sold partial of a room (the honeyed spot), though a existence is that many people don’t lay directly in front of their speakers “on axis”. Single-box speakers are customarily placed on shelves or seat and people tend to pierce about while listening. To that end, Cuby 7 uses 7 multidirectional drivers to emanate a 360-degree soundfield that stays a same wherever we are.

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Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Cuby 7 hails from Crystal Acoustics’ Reference Wireless Series, a organisation of products that all use WiSound technology. The array also includes a £219 Cuby 5 (which uses 5 drivers), and dual soundbases – a Teevy 5 and Teevy 6 (the latter we’ll be reviewing soon) and a Teevy soundbar.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 – Design and Connections

As a name suggests, a section is a brick measuring 235 x 235 x 235mm. These compress measure make it easy to place on shelves or kitchen tops though hogging lots of space. Our representation came with a beautiful red lacquer tip panel, though it’s also accessible in white, black and 4 timber finishes – Walnut, Oak, Rosemah and Rosewood.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

This cool, worldly demeanour creates Cuby 7 utterly a articulate point. The red finish contrasts strikingly with a black orator cloth wrapped around all 4 sides, while another cloth row on tip conceals a upward-firing drivers. Also on tip is a tiny row of buttons, including submit selection, play/pause, tongue-tied and volume. Two LEDs heat orange, blue or immature to prove that submit is selected.
Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Build peculiarity is glorious – a lacquer finish exudes oppulance and a MDF cupboard is complicated and robust. The cost might seem steep, though you’re some-more than removing your money’s value on pattern alone.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

On a behind are analogue stereo, 3.5mm minijack and visual digital inputs, and a USB pier for charging unstable devices. The section also facilities built-in Bluetooth with aptX. Crystal Acoustics is formulation to launch a chronicle of Cuby after in a year with Wi-Fi and multiroom functionality, though for now it’s Bluetooth only.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 – Features

Cuby 7’s pivotal underline is WiSound and here’s how it works. Inside a brick are 7 strategically-placed orator drivers confronting forwards, upwards and sideways. They illuminate sound towards a walls of a room, a reflections from that raise a approach sound entrance from a speaker. This creates a large ‘spherical’ soundfield (that even includes an component of height) with a unchanging tonal change from any position in a room.
Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7
The motorist element includes 4 2in midrange drivers (two in a sides, dual confronting upwards), dual upward-facing ¾-inch tweeters and one forward-facing 6.5-inch subwoofer. The amplifier provides 2 x 25W of power, and magnitude response is quoted during an considerable 35Hz-27kHz.
Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 – Operation

Using Cuby 7 is a zephyr regulating a clearly-labelled tip buttons, though we can also control it from a lounge regulating a small, slim remote. Sadly a peculiarity of a zapper doesn’t compare a section itself – it sits awkwardly in a palm and a fiddly scald buttons are a pain to press. 

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Pairing Bluetooth inclination is a painless routine and it’s easy to toggle between a 3 inputs with a submit symbol on tip or a particular keys on a remote.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7 – Performance

Cuby 7 lives adult to a creators’ confidant claims with a overwhelming opening that rewrites a rulebook for wireless speakers. As promised, those 7 WiSound orator drivers pattern a large sound that fills a high-ceilinged vital room with lashings of low drum and stimulating high frequencies.

Music sounds punchy and full-bodied, though with copiousness of polish. It’s a surprisingly finish sound for such a compress speaker, delving low into a drum frequencies and reaching high into a treble. You don’t have to go easy on a volume possibly – it handles shrill volumes though batting a red-lacquered eyelid.

Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Even some-more impressively, WiSound delivers on a guarantee of a tonally unchanging sound from any listening position. Walking around a room while streaming Happy by Pharrell Williams from Spotify, a hi-hats and gospel claps remove nothing of their compactness from any angle, while a musty bassline stays punchy and agile. Pharrell’s voice cuts by a brew and loses nothing of a inflection when listened off-axis.

Switching to Get Lucky by Daft Punk, a spreading bassline thatch firmly to a punchy disco drums, while WiSound’s expanded “sphere” of sound gives a whole thing an roughly live feel. If we’re being picky, it over-emphasises a high frequencies a hold though we’re too bustling strutting turn a room to caring too much.

Of course, this ability to fill a room also pays dividends when we offshoot it adult to your telly. We piped Edge of Tomorrow into a visual submit and Cuby 7 proves itself a estimable choice to a soundbar or base. The beach dump scenes are formally shrill and rousing, with large bassy explosions and sizzling high-frequencies as a Mimics trounce about in a sand. WiSound’s open, expanded output, total with a complicated drum notes, give a movement a clarity of scale that many Bluetooth speakers would onslaught to match.
Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7

Should we buy a Crystal Acoustics Cuby 7?

Cuby or not Cuby, that is a question. The answer is really a former. Deluxe build quality, stylish design, innovative tech, glorious sound peculiarity with song and cinema – Cuby 7 boasts all a mixture of a must-buy product.

Its sound is weighty, energetic and detailed, and WiSound does a good pursuit of creation certain this glorious opening is confirmed wherever we are in a room. There’s a decent operation of sockets too, and Bluetooth for easy song streaming.

Complaints are minor. Wi-Fi and multiroom would have been nice, though that’s on a way. The remote is bad too – an ascent is compulsory for a subsequent generation, please. Otherwise Cuby 7 is a superb Bluetooth orator that ideally suits today’s song listening habits – hang one on your shortlist.

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Fabulous sound peculiarity and overwhelming pattern make this one of a best Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested, and nifty WiSound tech is a explanation for complicated song listening.

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