Cybook Ocean Gadget Review

What is a Bookeen Cybook Ocean?

The Cybook Ocean is substantially a largest widely accessible ebook reader accessible during present. Once on a time it looked like we were on a quick lane to genuine next-gen ereaders. Colour ones? Flexible ones? Sure.

However, a gait of upgrades has unequivocally slowed, and a Kindle Voyage looks and feels a satisfactory bit like a comparison Kindle Paperwhite. Still, Bookeen is during slightest carrying a go during formulating something a tiny different.

The Cybook Ocean is vast among ereaders, a 8-inch shade dwarfing that of opposition Kindles and Kobos, that frequency wandering many above 6 inches.

While it’s lovely to see something different, a singular shade tech, sharp-edged pattern and laggy opening meant it’s not value deliberation over one of a some-more required options for many people. Especially when it costs £150, creation a Cybook Ocean one of a some-more costly ereaders.

Cybook Ocean – Design and Features

From a distance, a Cybook Ocean looks flattering impressive. The shade is totally prosaic with no lifted bezel, a pattern is capricious and a ideal distance creates it seem anything yet an also-ran.

However, get a thing in your palm and a problems starts arising.

The Cybook Ocean is only not that gentle to hold. Its edges are distant too severe, lacking a well-spoken bevelling used in only about any other ereader. These edges are sharp. The left corner competence be sawn-off, yet even that is a tiny too serious — and a healthy desire (being right-handed) was to reason it in a right mitt anyway.

A pointy form competence fit in with a aluminium construction style, yet a sides aren’t indeed finished of metal. The Cybook Ocean’s behind is a image of aluminium, while a sides are plainer plastic.

Plastic readers are fine, yet this pattern gets a Ocean conjunction a comfort of soothing cosmetic nor a distinguished initial sense of an all-metal reader. It positively is slim, though. At only 7mm thick, you’ll be means to accumulate it in a bag yet it holding adult too many space.

We can’t assistance yet wish Bookeen had stopped aiming for superlatives and focused a tiny some-more on what a Cybook Ocean is indeed like to use, though. The behind strap is another instance of this.

The really bottom partial of a Cybook Ocean’s behind is not partial of a aluminium back yet a cosmetic strap that we can mislay to exhibit a microSD label slot. However, a thing is so unbending it feels like you’re going to slice a ereader in dual only prising it off. As something you’ll expected to only a few times, ever, it’s not a outrageous issue: some-more demonstrative of a somewhat wonky pattern methodology. The Cybook Ocean looks flattering good, only doesn’t feel utterly right.

Cybook Ocean – Screen and Reading Experience

All of this competence warp into a credentials if a shade is ideal for your needs, though. It’s an 8-inch display, giving it a measure of a hardback novel, compared to a tiny paperback character of a Kindle crowd.

Why would we wish such a vast screen? In a word, presbyopia. This is a light detriment of near-vision focusing that comes to us all after a age of 40 or so, and is a primary reason for bifocal glasses.

It’s a elementary equation. The incomparable shade lets we reason a Cybook Ocean serve away, vouchsafing we keep content looking vast yet wise only half a judgment on-screen.

The Cybook Ocean has a front light too. Like other illuminated ereaders, it uses side-firing LEDs whose light is upheld by a beam covering that distributes a heat opposite a screen. Reading in bed, in a dark, is no issue, nonetheless a light does have a really transparent blue tone. Most rivals have changed on to a some-more neutral paint during this point. It’s also nowhere nearby as splendid as a Kindle Voyage light (not that we suffered in normal use, it’s generally splendid enough).

This distance advantage alone competence be adequate to clear a Cybook Ocean for some buyers, yet other than that we don’t rate a arrangement all that highly. You see, it’s indeed utterly opposite from other ereaders.

Kindles, Kobos and other Bookeen ereaders use E Ink displays, whose images are assembled regulating reams of tiny white and black microcapsules. The Cybook Ocean, however, has an E-Paper screen. Sounds similar, looks similar. But isn’t.

This is indeed a form of LCD screen, a bit like a a calculator screen, called E-Paper. You get a same energy potency advantages of E Ink, definition a Cybook Ocean lasts for around a month off a charge. However, it only doesn’t demeanour as good as an E Ink shade of a final few generations.

The blacks aren’t as black, a whites not as white, and there’s somewhat some-more sound to a white credentials of a page.

It’s simply not as nice-looking as many £100-plus ereaders. And there’s no fortitude advantage for those who don’t value ideal distance as a tip priority. The Cybook Ocean has a 1,024 x 768 pixel display, a same as a mid-tier Kindle Paperwhite.

If you’re going to reason a ereader during arm’s length, this is no issue, yet don’t buy a Ocean meditative you’ll be means to demeanour during unenlightened PDFs of technical drawings close-up and have them seem super-sharp. Everything starts looking a tiny soothing during tighten quarters.

For reference, a smaller Kindle Voyage is distant sharper, with 1,430 x 1,080 fortitude to a Cybook Ocean’s 1,024 x 768.

The finish is potentially cryptic too. While there’s a clever anti-reflective layer, a Cybook Ocean is still distant glossier than many of a competition. Reflections can poise a problem. 

Cybook Ocean – Interface and Book Store

A certain miss of finishing touches in a hardware continues in a Cybook Ocean’s software. The simple UI plans is identical to what we get with a better-known brands, putting a books you’re now reading up-front, along with an easy couple to a Bookeen book store. It’s practical.

However, any component looks as if it hasn’t utterly been finished. There are images that haven’t been scaled scrupulously for their size, naff-looking italic fonts and there seems to have been no optimisation for a incomparable shade size. It’s all a bit… tyro pattern plan for a liking.

This bleeds by to a Bookeen store too. The plans is lifeless and we need to login twice to use a thing: initial to a Bookeen store and afterwards to Adobe Digital Editions, that is a back-end of this sold ebook service.

Yes, a Cybook Ocean will remember your sum so we don’t have to submit them any time, yet if you’ve used a Kindle before it’ll all seem rather pledge hour. Coming from a French company, many of a store’s essence are geared to a French assembly too (and prices are in Euros).

The Cybook Ocean suffers from sincerely bad opening too, notwithstanding carrying a mostly-respectable Cortex A8 TI OMAP3611, an 800MHz chip. Every movement seems to have about 50 per cent longer than a Kindle (including a £59 model) or Kobo Aura HD.

There seems to be really tiny program optimisation going on here. Even entering content into a hunt box is clunky: we initial enter it into a keyboard’s module, afterwards strike ‘enter’ to get it to seem in a box, definition we have to strike another symbol to indeed submit a term. There’s an additional step here that we have tiny calm for in 2015.

If deliberation a Cybook Ocean as an choice to a Kindle we should also take into comment a services blank here. There are no journal subscriptions, no integrated book lending, and zero like Amazon’s Unlimited, that is a book/audiobook take on Netflix. You can, however, send your possess books over to a 4GB inner memory regulating a microUSB cable.

Cybook Ocean

 Should we buy a Cybook Ocean?

As an ereader that breaks divided from a 6-inch plans used by probably any other indication out there, we wanted to like a Cybook Ocean. Even while we consider not everybody has a quite good use for a incomparable ereader, that vast rise editions of books exist tells we there is a marketplace out there.

However, we only wish Bookeen had finished a pursuit a bit better. There are too many elements where a Cybook Ocean falls approach behind a some-more required competition.

It’s not gentle enough, a shade isn’t as good, a program lacks a shimmer of a others and it’s flat-out delayed by today’s standards. We’ve watched with some unhappiness as other ereader players like Sony have forsaken out of a market. But with entries like this, we’re not wholly certain because Bookeen is still in a running.

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With an 8-inch shade a Cybook Ocean is something opposite among ereaders. But too many elements loiter behind cheaper, smaller rivals. 

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