Daylite Mac CRM Adds New Integrations To Save Small Businesses More…

Marketcircle announced currently that Daylite, a renouned Mac CRM for tiny business, now has absolute new formation capabilities that will assistance their tiny business business to automate some-more and save some-more time. Until now, Daylite users could precedence a renouned service, Zapier, to get other apps to speak to Daylite and automate pulling info into Daylite. The plea was afterwards removing Daylite to speak to other apps and share information out. With a introduction of WebHooks, Daylite users can now precedence Zapier even some-more by removing Daylite to trigger automations in other apps. This allows Daylite users to build absolute programmed workflows so they can save some-more time than ever.

Small businesses regulating Daylite will now be means to:

  • Automate updating group members in Google Sheets about tasks finished in Daylite
  • Automate adding people to MailChimp for selling campaigns from Daylite
  • Automate notifying group members in Slack when a new plan is combined in Daylite

These new formation capabilities serve support Marketcircle’s goal matter to commission tiny businesses to concentration some-more on a work they love, by automating vapid tasks so they have some-more time to deposit in building relations and following by on their commitments to clients.

“Daylite is a life-blood of my business. Having Zapier formation to seamlessly bond Daylite with other apps we use for selling and plan partnership creates Daylite an even some-more absolute and available CRM solution,” says Daylite patron Mihael Blikshteyn, of Mihael Blikshteyn Photography.

About Daylite

Daylite is a Mac CRM and Project Management app for tiny businesses grown by Marketcircle Inc. Daylite is used currently by over 20,000 tiny businesses in over 100 countries to conduct customers, sales, projects in one place. Daylite was built privately for a Apple ecosystem and integrates with Apple Mail as good as a local Apple Contacts and Calendar apps. Daylite’s formation with a Apple ecosystem allows users to precedence Siri, Caller ID, Notification Centre, and Multitasking on iPad. Unlike many tiny business CRMs that are a web app, Daylite is a local app that allows users to work offline and sync in a cloud. For some-more information about Daylite Mac CRM, revisit

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