Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 Audio Review

What is a Definitive Technology ProCinema 600?

Due to their distance limitations, compress orator systems can infrequently onslaught to broach a big, room-filling sound, though this petite 5.1 complement from US code Definitive Technology tackles a emanate conduct on. Its Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) brings a much-needed boost to a critical reduce midrange frequencies, presumably ensuing in a bigger and warmer sound than unchanging compress systems.

It facilities 4 matching ProMonitor 600 satellites, a ProCenter 600 centre orator and a ProSub 600 powered woofer. At a shade underneath £700, it’s not accurately a bill package, though not over a realms of tiny mortals possibly – and if it lives adult to Def Tech’s promises, it’ll unequivocally be income good spent.

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Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 – Design and Connections

You can positively see and feel any penny of that cost tab in a system’s beautiful pattern and estimable build quality. The Pro Monitor 600 sats burst out and squeeze we with their alluring gloss-black finish and winding back-end, that will go down a charge in any vital room. They’re also permitted in gloss-white.
Definitive Technology ProCinema 600

Remove a grille covering a front and tip of a satellites and things get unequivocally interesting. On a front you’ll see a 1-inch aluminium architecture tweeter and 3¼-inch BDSS woofer, that is vigour joined to an equally sized midbass radiator on top.

This ceiling confronting radiator effectively doubles a speaker’s lower-midrange radiating area, boosting a courtesy and physique of masculine discourse and song while generating a some-more estimable sound than we competence pattern from speakers measuring usually 177mm high. This complement has filtered down from Definitive Technology’s high-end models.

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600

The ProCenter 600 is an equally appealing speaker, sanctified with a same silken finish and curvy form cause as a ProMonitor 600s. The usually differences are that it lies horizontally for easy chain on a shelf, with dual BDSS midbass flanking a 1in tweeter. The BDSS drivers are joined to radiators during any end, that are designed to give discourse incomparable authority.

The ProSub 600’s matte black finish creates it reduction glamorous than a satellites though still looks intelligent and attractive. Its brick figure and compress measure (330 x 330mm) should make it sincerely easy to accommodate behind a TV or in a dilemma of a room. Build peculiarity is any bit as good as a other speakers – a strong cupboard and stout feet enthuse confidence.

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600

On a behind you’ll find orator spin submit and output, LFE submit and crossover controls. The volume dial has willingly been placed on a side rather than a back, that creates it easier to adjust if a underling isn’t simply accessible.
Definitive Technology ProCinema 600
The 8in woofer inside a ProSub 600 is vigour joined to an 8in low drum radiator, that is pronounced to broach a 27% boost in radiating area over a singular 10in woofer. The upshot? Bigger, meatier drum notes.

Definitive Technology ProCinema 600 – Performance

Compact it might be, though zero about a Def Tech’s display is small. The BDSS complement works a treat, creation Godzilla’s grievous movement scenes sound absolute and expansive. During a jaw-dropping set square in that a MUTOs conflict Honolulu Airport, a outrageous explosions are underpinned by abounding drum that doesn’t bang or bloat.

Sure, incomparable speakers and pricier compress setups have a lungs to take it to a subsequent level, though a 600s get stranded into a soundtrack with such propensity that we have to keep reminding yourself that they’re usually 107mm deep.

We adore a full-bodied sound constructed by a BDSS drivers. Some compress systems are all drum and three-way with meagre courtesy for a rest, though a ProCinema 600 fills in a gaps with a considerable reduce midrange response and watertight formation between a sats and sub.

We’re also tender by a seamless tonality, that formula in well-spoken steering as missiles and helicopters vessel between channels. The soundstage stays stoical and good organized no matter how mad a movement gets, nonetheless discourse always cuts by a cacophony.

The underling responds good to a severe final of a bass-heavy soundtrack. Sudden drum hits punch low into your chest and stop with considerable control, while a large rumble as Godzilla approaches a Golden Gate Bridge will get your crockery rattling.

The sats’ poignant tinge keeps things sparkling though contrast a toleration of your eardrums. Gunshots and contrary steel are frail and purposeful, and any stage is packaged with detail.

However, a overly frail and clinical proceed won’t fit everyone, and comes opposite as assumed during times. Lashing sleet and tinkling potion sits a small too prominently in a mix, while assertive effects separate when we spin a volume adult loud. Other systems, like a Quad L-ite Plus or a Polk TL1600 broach fact in a smoother and some-more rare manner. This isn’t a deal-breaker though takes a gleam off an differently glorious performance.

The system’s frail high frequencies are some-more during home with music. Incisive hi-hats and percussion engage with a deep, minute vocals and pulsating drum to emanate a lively, full-bodied opening opposite a accumulation of genres.
Definitive Technology ProCinema 600

Should we buy a Definitive Technology ProCinema 600?

There are several glorious compress 5.1 systems during this price, though a ProCinema 600 creates a convincing bid for your income with a exciting, room-filling opening and grand styling. BDSS record works brilliantly, formulating a huge, expanded sound that belies a speakers’ compress dimensions, while discourse and fact are crisply defined.

Our usually critique is that it’s a small over enthusiastic in a high frequencies, causing a speakers to separate when incited adult loud. But differently a absolute opening creates a ProCinema 600 income good spent, quite when we cruise a plain build peculiarity and living-room-friendly design.

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This neat and beautifully built compress complement uses innovative motorist record to furnish powerful, considerable sound from petite cabinets.

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