Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series Laptop Review

What is a Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series?

Dell’s new hybrid is a initial appurtenance we’ve reviewed with a new Intel Core M processor, that means it’s a initial complement to surveillance Intel’s new 14nm Broadwell pattern – hardware designed to urge opening and battery life in equal measure.

There’s a 1080p IPS screen, a sharp detachable resource and a attractive keyboard, though this tantalizing pattern doesn’t come cheap. The Latitude costs £1194 – some-more than probably each rival.

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Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series – Design

Dell designs Latitudes for a office, so a 13 7000’s aesthetics are all business. The keyboard, trackpad and shade bezel are plain black, and there isn’t most colour elsewhere possibly – usually a gunmetal grey lid.

A singular Dell trademark decorates a rear, and a wrist-rest is usually ornate with a small, monochrome Intel Core M sticker, with no other logos and few standing lights.

The Latitude uses an effective detachable mechanism: a shifting symbol next a shade frees a inscription territory from a anchors, and it clips behind with a pleasing snap. It’s sturdy; there’s hardly any give in a inscription section, and we’re not endangered about a small flex in a keyboard wharf – it’s what we design from a device this slim and light.

When combined, a Latitude weighs 1.69kg and is 20mm thick, that are considerable numbers for a hybrid. HP’s Spectre 13 x2 and Envy 15 x360 are both thicker and heavier, and Toshiba’s new efforts are chunkier.

Only a handful of variety undercut a considerable Dell. The Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro is thinner and lighter though it’s not detachable, and a latest Microsoft Surface Pro – that has a fabric-covered keyboard box – is thinner and lighter.

Dell’s latest usually falters when a inscription territory stands alone. Its 930g weight creates it some-more unwieldy than a 437g iPad Air 2, and a 13.3-inch shade means it’s wily to use in one palm – a problem common among hybrids.

The Latitude is one of a slimmest and lightest variety we’ve tested, though it compares some-more agreeably to variety than correct tablets – a pointer Dell has done this appurtenance for capability rather than consumption. That’s corroborated adult serve by a pier selection, that is lopsided towards a keyboard: a bottom section serves adult dual USB 3 ports, a mini-DisplayPort connector and an SD label slot, while a inscription has a headphone jack, a intelligent label container and a fingerprint reader. Those latter ports are usually discretionary extras, too.

On a inside, there’s dual-band 802.11ac wireless and Bluetooth 4.0, though there’s no room for Ethernet.

Dell Latitude 13 7000 Series – Screen and Sound

The Latitude’s 1080p fortitude outlines it out as a aloft category of hybrid – cheaper machines make do with 1366 x 768 screens. We’re also happier with this fortitude than anything higher; a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro’s 3200 x 1800 shade suffered with scaling issues that undermined a sharpness. That’s not a problem you’ll confront on a Latitude.

It’s got a chops for work, too. The 357-nit liughtness turn is one of a best we’ve seen, and a 0.3-nit black indicate is excellent: usually a handful of systems have beaten possibly figure and, even then, it’s not by much. The following contrariety of 1170:1 is good – improved than each new hybrid.

Exceptional colour correctness joins a stonking contrast. The Delta E of 1.31 is a best outcome we’ve seen outward of dedicated workstation notebooks – sufficient to contend it beats each approach competitor.

The low black turn gives abyss to each darker colour, and a contrariety means there’s punch and movement to each tone. The liughtness is adequate to safeguard palliate of use underneath bureau lights and healthy sunlight, and that Delta E is class-leading.

Our usually uncertainty is a colour temperature, that sits during 7726K. That’s too cold, and it leaves exam images a small clinical. It’s not a outrageous regard when built adult opposite such good formula elsewhere – if we need a hybrid and shade peculiarity is key, it’s a outrageous offered point.

We can’t contend a same about a speakers. Irritating exaggeration hampered full-volume playback and it wasn’t most improved when we dialled behind a sound – during 50% volume a murky mid-range and a miss of drum undermined a reasonable high end. This isn’t a appurtenance to use for examination cinema after bureau hours.

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