Dell U2417H Monitor

What is a Dell U2417H?

Dell’s UltraSharp monitors have prolonged been one of a de facto choices for those seeking a stylish and feature-rich arrangement with good picture peculiarity – and a Dell UltraSharp U2417H shows usually because that repute is justified.

This 24-inch arrangement might usually container in a medium 1,920 x 1,080-pixel resolution, nonetheless there’s loads to like elsewhere. A stylish slim-bezelled panel, wholly tractable stand, copiousness of connectivity and a 99% sRGB IPS row mix to make it ideal for those seeking peculiarity though verging into pro territory.

Dell U2417H – Design and Features

This is a great-looking monitor. Dell has been regulating a pale china and black clothing for a UltraSharp monitors for years, and it still works good on a U2417H.

Helping this new indication mountain out from a throng is a use of an impossibly slim bezel. It’s usually 5.3mm far-reaching on a tip and sides, and 8.3mm along a bottom – and even many of that is dark next a tip aspect of a LCD, so a bezel roughly totally disappears when a arrangement is off.

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Dell U2417H

The bottom apportionment of a bezel in sold is among a many slim I’ve seen, something that is finished probable by a monitor’s controls being situated on a underside of a support rather than a front.

This guard isn’t usually a flattering face either; it also has copiousness of additional features. Its mountain offers height, rotation, focus and lean adjustment, creation it easy to position usually how we wish and entrance a connectors on a rear. The row can also be private from a mountain and a 100 x 100mm VESA mountain used in and with any other concordant stand. You don’t, though, get involuntary picture revolution when a shade is pivoted into a mural orientation. Some alternatives, such as models from ViewSonic, do offer this.

Dell U2417H

Connectivity is also plentiful. You get a DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort and HDMI for video inputs, as good as a second full-size DisplayPort that’s an outlay for daisy-chaining a second monitor. There’s also an audio outlay so we can block in speakers or headphones to listen to a audio being piped over a digital arrangement connectors – there are no built-in speakers.

You also get a four-port USB 3.0 hub, with dual outputs on a behind and dual on a left corner where they’re easy to reach.

Dell U2417H

In terms of a arrangement itself there’s not too most to scream about in terms of additional features. The “IPS-type” row – it’s indeed Samsung’s PLS record – runs during 60Hz and has a reasonable 6ms response time, while a 1080p fortitude is wholly standard for a arrangement of this size. It also has an anti-glare cloaking finished by 3M, and a medium limit liughtness of 250nits.

Instead, this arrangement is all about a picture quality, that I’ll get to shortly.

Dell U2417H – Setup and OSD

In a final few years Dell has finished a bit for a sourroundings by transitioning to regulating card roughly exclusively for wrapping a products, saving us from nonetheless another source of stretched polystyrene and other plastics. That’s in justification here again, as a U2417H arrives in a box that uses a crafty folded card hoop and card inner fresh to strengthen a monitor.

The components are still wrapped in a skinny sleeve of cushioning plastic, nonetheless this still creates for distant reduction cosmetic overall. Plus it’s easy to stomp on and force in a recycling bin.

Setup is also blessedly simple. The stout metal-reinforced mountain screws into a bottom around a serf ride screw, and a row clips orderly into place on a tip of a stand.

Dell U2417H

Pivot a arrangement around into mural mode and a easy to find all a sockets we need and get all your cables plugged in. In a box we get a energy cable, DisplayPort-to-Mini DisplayPort cable, USB 3.0 upstream cable, bureau calibration report, and several setup guides and other documentation.

The row arrives pre-calibrated and out of a box a picture peculiarity is fantastic, so there’s small need to burst into a monitor’s menus, nonetheless do so and we won’t find any gremlins. The menus are logically laid out, discerning to respond and easy to use.

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