Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q Monitor Review

What is a Dell UP3214Q?

A few weeks ago now we had a pleasure of reviewing Dell’s 24-inch 4K monitor, a UP2414Q. At 24 inches some might cruise it a bit tiny for 4K work, yet a overwhelming circa-£870 seeking cost and superb correctness were adequate for us to suggest it. Now we have a company’s incomparable 4K monitor, a Dell UP3214Q. It promises identical levels of correctness yet in a many larger, some-more 4K-friendly frame.

It’s also, unsurprisingly, extremely some-more expensive, and will leave we with tiny change left from £2,000. For that we get a guard that promises veteran class calibration out of a box, 99 per cent Adobe RGB colour coverage and 100 per cent of sRGB. And while it costs a lot, it’s still a transparent £400 or so reduction than a subsequent cheapest 32-inch 4K from Asus, so Dell looks like it still offers good value for money.

Dell UP3214Q 4

Dell UP3214Q: Design Features

Before we get any serve into this review, it’s value clearing adult a common misconception. Like many of a new 4K monitors on a marketplace now, a Dell UP3214Q is described in some circles as an IGZO row display, yet this isn’t wholly accurate. IGZO isn’t, technically, a form of panel. The UP3214Q uses an IPS panel, yet has an IGZO backplane.

IGZO, primarily, creates it easier to manufacturer high density/high-resolution LCDs and uses reduction energy than a choice (amorphous Silicon), that is because it’s been talked about so many in anxiety to iPads, iPhones and anything with a small, high-resolution shade where such qualities are valued most.

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Dell UP3214Q 2

Now we’ve privileged that up, a closer demeanour during a specs for a Dell UP3214Q reveals it shares many of a DNA with a 24-inch cousin. It has a singular HDMI 1.4 connection, Mini DisplayPort and DisplayPort 1.2 connectors for video, 4 USB 3.0 ports and a memory label reader. All flattering customary fare, yet it still lacks HDMI 2.0. This means you’re singular to 30Hz over HDMI, creation use of a DisplayPort is a contingency to a minds. It’s value observant one of a USB ports supports battery charging, too.

Looking to a stand, a Dell UP3214Q lacks focus so can’t be used in mural mode, yet regulating a guard this vast in portrair is a recipe for a bruise neck so that’s no good loss. There’s a good turn of tallness and lean adjustment, however, and focus is built into a stand.

The UP3214Q is a attractive monitor, too. Dell’s styling for a veteran monitors has only a right change of magnificence and patience that doesn’t curve into something tedious and ugly. When you’re regulating a guard as vast as this we don’t wish it to be an eye-sore.

Dell UP3214Q 1

Dell UP3214Q: Setup

Dell continues to set a customary for palliate of public and setup. Despite a distance and weight (the row alone weighs 9.2kg), it’s impossibly easy to shave a guard into a pre-assembled mount and arm. Likewise, we can detach a guard from a arm but any tools.

Dell’s OSD and controls are perfect, too. The context supportive hold buttons along a right corner are really responsive, and a OSD always creates how to get what we wish clear. The menus, meanwhile, are logically organized and embody all a options we could presumably need.

Like Dell’s 24-inch 4K monitor, those options embody bureau calibrated presets for sRGB and Adobe RGB, a choice for dual serve saved ‘calibrated’ presets of your selecting and a ability to select between any colour heat turn we desire.

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