Dell UP2414Q Monitor Review

What is a Dell UP2414Q?

The Dell UP2414Q is among a initial critical 4K monitors on a market. It joins 32-inch models like a Sharp PN-K321, Dell UP3214Q and Asus PQ321QE in a name rope of 4K monitors opposed for a money of early adopters, yet distinct any of a above a UP2414Q costs reduction than £1,000. In fact, during £870 it’s about a same as a rather pricey (and non-4K) Apple Thunderbolt Display.

Of march a Thunderbolt Display is horribly overpriced, yet a Dell U2414Q isn’t and it’s by no means a cut price, final review option, either. It has an IPS display, claims to cover 99% of a Adobe RGB colour space and claims to come out of a bureau calibrated to a DeltaE reduction than 2. It’s a critical guard perfectionist critical attention, and for a many partial it delivers handsomely.

What is 4K and Ultra HD?

Note: Pricing formed on pre-order cost on Ebuyer.com and other UK retailers, not Dell online store.

Dell UP2414Q 1

Dell UP2414Q: Design Connections

Dell likes to keep a guard designs sincerely uniform, that judging by a U2414Q is no bad thing during all. It looks reserved, elementary and straightforward, that in this context is accurately what we want.

It has all a adjustments we could want, too. Rotation is built into a stand, that creates it easy to share what you’re operative on with colleagues, and it pivots, too. There’s a decent grade of lean available, and any component of a mount and box is impeccably good made. No corners cut here.

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Dell UP2414Q 9

Connectivity is decent, despite with one or dual little caveats. There are DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort connections, yet a HDMI pier is usually a chronicle 1.4 port. This means we can’t run a Dell UP2414Q’s 3840 x 2160 local fortitude during 60Hz over HDMI, usually 30Hz. It’s not a problem singular to Dell, though, with a Panasonic L65WT600 being a usually 4K TV to now support HDMI 2.0.

Non-video connectors embody an considerable 4 USB 3 ports, one of that is primed to assign tablets, phones and other gadgets. The final develop is a media label reader on a left edge. You could supplement some-more to a UP2414Q, yet we don’t unequivocally need more.

Our usually little complaints are that Dell could have taken impulse from a Samsung S24C650 in putting a USB ports in a base, rather than dark during a back, and integrating some demeanour of lift hoop to make a UP2414Q easier to move. That’s a misfortune we can consider of, though.

Dell UP2414Q 7

Dell UP2414Q: OSD Setup

Getting a Dell UP2414Q adult and using is no problem during all. It comes in dual parts: guard and stand. The latter clips uniformly into a back with no screws indispensable — it’s harder to open a box than assemble.

Better still are a OSD and controls. The controls are hold and context supportive buttons in a bottom right edge. They’re on a front, so we don’t have to feel around for them, and any has a little LED to prove when they’re active. The OSD actions seem right subsequent to any button. They’re clear, judicious and easy to use.

Dell UP2414Q 8

The options in a OSD are plentiful, too. Preset Modes embody Colour Temperature (5000K to 10,0000K); Colour Space (Adobe RGB, sRGB and dual customisable calibrated presets) and Custom Colour controls where we can fine-tune a colour precisely. There are other presets for Standard, Multimedia, Movie, Game and Paper, yet they’re mostly remaining to a eyes.

Dell UP2414Q 6

This gives we copiousness of coherence to get what we need, quite a choice to save your possess presets and fast switch between them. There are some engaging options dark divided in a menus, too, including an intriguingly patrician ‘Uniformity Compensation’ mode that we’ll take a closer demeanour during after on.

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