Dell XPS 13 2015 Laptop Review

Dell XPS 13 2015 – Another impressive-looking new laptop

Fresh from a newly updated Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015, another laptop removing a CES 2015 refurbish is a Dell XPS 13. The 2015 book claims to have a longest battery life of any 13-inch laptop – adult to 15 hours says Dell – while a shade bezel measures an implausible 5.2mm. It looks stunning.

The pivotal advantage of a a slim bezels besides looking overwhelming is a Dell XPS 13 is effectively a 13-inch laptop in a physique of an 11-inch laptop. It’s really compact, that creates a battery life explain all a some-more impressive.

Watch a video hands-on with a Dell XPS 13 2015

Dell XPS 13 2015 Release Date and Price: The Dell XPS 13 2015 is on sale in a US currently from $799. Pricing and accessibility for other regions is not nonetheless available.

Update: 08/01/15 More Specs and Feature Information
We lacked some-more minute information when we initial saw a Dell XPS 13 2015, nonetheless we now know some-more interjection to a inventory on Dell’s website.

The entry-level spec has a 2.1GHz Core-i3, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD and a non-touch Full HD screen. Next up, during $999, adds 8GB RAM and 2.2GHz Core i5 with Turbo Boost. You’ll need £1,299 to get a Quad HD+ touchscreen, while a $1,599 adds a 256GB SSD and an i7 that Turbo Boosts all a approach to 3.0GHz.

That’s a tough specs, nonetheless there are a few other engaging things. The shade cover is Gorilla Glass NBT, that is fine, nonetheless a battery life differs between versions with a Full HD ones durability a claimed 15 hours and a Quad HD+ adult to 12 hours. Dell will also sell an discretionary 1,200mAh Power Companion, that will extend battery life to adult to 22 hours!

We also have some-more fact about a screen, that is a second era IGZO backplane IPS LCD. Dell claims a ’72 per cent colour gamut’ nonetheless doesn’t contend what colour gamut, sRGB or Adobe RGB, this indeed refers to. The shade has a claimed 1000:1 contrariety ratio

I’m going to concentration on a pattern some-more than anything else, partly since it’s good and partly since Dell has furnished us with small useful spec info yet. I’ll refurbish that info once it’s available. The Dell XPS 13 2015 clearly uses Intel’s new 14nm processors and has SSD storage, nonetheless we could have guessed that nonetheless a press release.

What is suggested is flattering interesting, though. The shade is a large draw. Dell describes it as an UltraSharp Quad HD Infinity display, that is rather prolonged winded. Translated this means it has a 3200 x 1800 fortitude – that’s a Quad HD bit – and it’s really bright, adult to 400 nits, that we theory is what a ‘Infinity’ partial stands for. It’s value indicating out this arrangement is discretionary as there will be a Full HD choice as well, nonetheless those with a bill to spend will wish this screen.

Why? Because it’s bright, sharp, charming and really manageable – it’s a touchscreen, too. The super-slim bezel is incredible, while parsimonious opening between a shade and a cover lends a shade a discernible and ‘real’ feel that’s really most same to a really best smartphones. Did we discuss a bezel is incredible? Oh yes, we did, it still is.

Everything else about a pattern is plain and attractive. The soft-touch underside gives a 2015 XPS 13 a pleasing peculiarity few can match, and a build peculiarity is exemplary.

The usually intensity pain indicate is a keyboard. It’s not bad, nonetheless it’s not a patch on a different ThinkPad X1 Carbon or a MacBook Air. The keys are a tad smaller to fist them into a ’11-inch’ framework and a pivotal transport is a small shallow. I’d peril many people would have no problem with it, nonetheless a fussier among we will wish to try it out first.

Connectively is singular due to a compress size, nonetheless no some-more so than rivals. There are dual USB 3.0 ports, Mini DisplayPort, an SD label container and a common audio jacks. There’s no acknowledgment on a Wi-Fi used, nonetheless anything reduction than 802.11ac would be really surprising.

Early Verdict

Awesome looks, compress pattern and prolonged battery life – no one could criticize a Dell XPS 13 2015 with a true face. The keyboard competence put some people off, nonetheless here is nonetheless some-more justification that Apple’s subsequent MacBook Air refurbish needs to broach a goods.

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