DeLonghi RotoFry F28311 Review

What is a DeLonghi RotoFry?

The DeLonghi RotoFry is a normal low fat fryer with a twist: a basket rotates in and out of a prohibited oil. This means it needs half as most oil.

DeLonghi doesn’t make any claims about this crafty pattern creation your food healthier, yet it does meant reduction oil to buy and store, and it speeds adult a heating, cooling and cleaning processes.

DeLonghi RotoFry – Design and Features

This RotoFry looks like a sincerely compress required low fat fryer. And it is, in one sense. Unlike a latest “health” fryers that use minimal amounts of oil, this uses 1-1.2 litres of a stuff. But rather than usually plunging your basket into a oil for a few minutes, a basket is set during an angle and rotates – so your food spends some time in a oil and some time out of it.

The pattern is doubly crafty since we tighten a RotoFry’s lid with a basket raised, afterwards reduce a hoop to reduce a basket. This keeps a risk of prohibited froth and splashes to a minimum.

There’s a vast observation window in a lid, so we can keep an eye on progress, nonetheless like any fryer a window mostly gets steamed up. The lid is also home to a vast anti-odour filter, that a manufacturer suggests we reinstate after each 10-15 uses.

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It also boasts an “easy clean” complement to make it easier to empty a oil after use. First though, we contingency wait an hour or dual for a oil to cold down. Then lift down a strap on a front to exhibit a rubber siren with a tiny top on a end. Open this and a oil flows out so we can empty it into a jug.

Then you’re suggested to filter a oil before reusing since particles of food left in a oil bake and contaminate a flavour. You can do this by fixation a paper filter (bought separately) in a RotoFry’s basket and filtering a oil behind into a fryer prepared for reuse. The fryer also comes with a long, skinny cosmetic examine – presumably to purify any blockages in a pipe. The fryer vessel itself is non-stick and easy to clean.

Other facilities embody an tractable thermostat (150-190°C) tranquil by a doorknob on a front. And “cold walls” so a side of a fryer isn’t dangerous to touch. But there’s no built-in timer.

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DeLonghi RotoFry – What’s it like to use?

The RotoFry took a good 5 mins to come adult to cooking heat after we filled it with a litre of oil. We afterwards baked 500g of uninformed chips in it – it quotes a cooking time of 7-8 mins for 500g and 14-16 mins for 1kg of uninformed chips, both during 190°C.

The instructions advise fixation food turn a sides of a basket, rather than a middle, presumably to forestall disproportionate cooking. But we widespread a chips via a basket and found they were baked evenly.

The hoop pattern impressed: we can tighten a lid and afterwards overlay down a hoop to reduce a basket into a oil. The lid was somewhat tough to tighten with a basket in place, yet it did feel safer than plunging a chips in with a lid off. The fryer generally felt really quick too.

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The chips baked for 7 mins were somewhat underdone – we’d try 8 subsequent time – yet they tasted great. They were uniformly baked and tasted like they’d come uninformed from a chip shop.

We also attempted cooking prawn crackers in a RotoFry, usually to see if that rotating basket got in a way. The ones we used are ostensible to be baked during 200-210°C so we baked them during a RotoFry’s max heat of 190°C.

The formula were surprisingly good  – it was usually probable to prepare a few during a time – since usually some of a basket is in a prohibited oil during any given time, and since a prawn crackers themselves enhance so quick – but, like a chips, they looked and tasted like a genuine deal.

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Should we buy a DeLonghi RotoFry?

Yes – notwithstanding a surprising rotating design, a RotoFry is able of cooking a far-reaching operation of uninformed and solidified boiled foods. It’s affordable and fast, it uses reduction oil than low fat fryers and it’s easy to clean.

If we are looking for a healthier approach to prepare chips though, cruise a Philips Viva Airfryer HD9220. And for top-notch twice-fried chips cruise a Sage Multi Fryer.


This rapid spinning fryer tender us with chips that ambience like they’re true from a chip shop.

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