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Blockchain record has a event to definitely impact erudite practices and for instance could even change a purpose publishers play in a erudite ecosystem.

Today, tellurian record association Digital Science has expelled a landmark news titled:Blockchain for Research – Perspectives on a New Paradigm for Scholarly Communication. The news offers a viewpoint on blockchain record and how it could impact erudite communication and research. It also facilities views from tellurian attention experts on how destiny technologies in a erudite locus will be impacted by blockchain technology.

In support of this new technology, Digital Science is charity a special Catalyst Grant of adult to $30,000 / £25,000 privately directed during blockchain technologies in a erudite arena.

Blockchain is a insubordinate record that has a guarantee to radically change many industries. This news zooms in on a intensity to renovate erudite communication and research, focusing on vicious initiatives in this field. The news highlights how blockchain record can hold many vicious aspects of erudite communication, such as transparency, open science, and reproducibility.

The news includes:

  •     An introduction into “What is blockchain technology?”
  •     A contention around a hurdles in erudite communication including  the reproducibility crisis, rightly assigning credit and a counterpart examination process.
  •     Thoughts on how blockchain record can be practical to certain activities such as handling investigate and data, disseminating content, charity new metrics and ancillary choice mercantile models.
  •     Latest examples and initiatives of how blockchain record is now being utilized in a erudite arena.
  •     A demeanour to a destiny of blockchain record for erudite communication research.

The report, created and constructed by Dr. Joris outpost Rossum, includes interviews with attention experts including:

  •     Dr. Soenke Bartling, a German radiologist and owner of Blockchain for Science,
  •     Eefke Smit, Director, Standards and Technology, International Association of STM Publishers.
  •     Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner is Head of a Frankfurt School Blockchain Center during a Frankfurt School of Finance Management.

Joris Van Rossum, Digital Science’s Director of Special Projects says:

“Blockchain record has a event to definitely impact erudite practices and for instance could even change a purpose publishers play in a erudite ecosystem. The intensity extends to elucidate obligatory crises in erudite communication, such as around costs, trust, and concept accessibility to systematic information. This news for a initial time digs low into this guarantee with a demeanour towards a future.”

Eefke Smit, International Association of STM Publishers, Director, Standards and Technology, said:

“The STM edition universe is pang a possess set of trust issues during present. But even with a imperfections, a stream complement of educational edition is clever and offers an fit infrastructure. However, we could see stream players adopting and formulating pieces of blockchain infrastructure where they can unequivocally make a differences. For a edition world, blockchain record is full of promises and for a initial time this news collates a collection of insights into how this record might renovate a industry.”

You can download a news on Figshare and follow a online conversations regulating #blockchainforresearch.

Notes for editors

Blockchain is a record for decentralized, self-regulating data. It allows government and organization of information in a insubordinate new way: open, permanent, accurate and common but a need of a executive authority.

Digital Science is a record association portion a needs of systematic and investigate communities during pivotal points along a full cycle of research. We deposit in, maintain and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all tools of a investigate routine some-more open, fit and effective. We trust that together, we can change investigate for good.



We will be hosting dual events in London to coincide with this news launch. Join us on a 28th Nov 2017 for a row contention with news contributors, and for a Blockchain hackathon on a 1st – 3rd Dec 2017 (now sole out).

  • Catalyst Grant for a Blockchain

At Digital Science we assistance maintain innovative investigate program ideas with a prestigious Catalyst Grant programme that we run twice a year. To applaud a launch of a report, we are charity a singular Catalyst Grant of adult to $30,000 / £25,000 directed privately during blockchain technology.

We are usurpation proposals for implementing any blockchain record in a investigate context, generally where it concerns a distribution or announcement of research. Applications could tumble into any of a following categories:

  • New cryptocurrencies or protocols
  • Applications built on existent cryptocurrencies or protocols
  • How existent applications can be grown or blending
  • Working groups or entities looking to change a doing of blockchain technology

Deadline for applications is Monday 15th Jan 2018

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