DK Ravi’s death: Officer was formulation raids on large developers, says activist

BENGALURU: With tragedy retaining Karnataka’s collateral following a genocide of IAS officer DK Ravi, amicable romantic and whistleblower Ganesh S Koundiny has claimed that DK Ravi was formulation raids on some large developers to unearth blurb taxation evasion.

Ravi, after holding over as Additional Commissioner of Commercial Taxes (Enforcement) in October, had recovered an income taxation of Rs 400 crore from housing societies.

“I had a review with Ravi on Thursday and Friday, if we remember. He told me that he had conducted raids on some developers and housing societies and recovered Rs 400 crore as income taxation … Ravi was looking during raiding some large developers in Bangalore and he wanted to redeem a semblance of taxes,” Koudinhy told reporters in Bengaluru.

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The romantic pronounced that a defunct officer was fervent to accommodate him to get some documentary justification in his possession so they both could work together to unearth blurb taxation violations.

“Since Ravi wanted some papers from me, he got in hold with me so that we both could work together to see that blurb taxation defilement could be unearthed,” he added.

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Koundiny also pronounced he was formulation to accommodate Ravi in a integrate days. “Ravi told me to accommodate this week and we was considering to accommodate him currently or tomorrow, though before that this occurrence happened,” he added.

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He flayed a supervision for “concluding” in a Assembly that it was a self-murder even before a review commenced. “What is irritating is that even before a review has commenced, a supervision has taken a mount that it is a suicide,” he said.

The 35-year-old IAS officer, who had taken on a silt mafia famous in Kolar district of Karnataka was found unresolved from a roof fan in his room during his central prosaic here yesterday.

Bengaluru Police Commissioner MN Reddi pronounced that forensically, medically and hearing of a conditions all indicate to “prima facie bargain of a suicide.”

Earlier, annoy spilled on to a streets of Karnataka on Tuesday as sea of throng collected outward Ravi’s chateau to compensate tributes and accompany a IAS officer’s physique on his final journey.

Meanwhile, apportion of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju on Tuesday pronounced that a genocide of IAS officer DK Ravi is a critical matter, though combined that a Central Government will not meddle during this stage. “This is a critical emanate since it involves a comparison official. We have lifted a emanate in a residence also,” pronounced Rijiju. “It is formidable for a Central Government to meddle in a functioning of a State Government since this box is directly associated to them,” he added.

Condoling a genocide of Ravi, an honest IAS officer who had taken on a silt mafia, Kejriwal also affianced to continue his quarrel opposite corruption. “IAS officer D K Ravi, who took on Mafia, found dead. Heart felt condolences 2 his family.

“Let’s oath to continue his quarrel opposite corruption,” he tweeted.

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