Docent Health Showcasing New Patient Engagement Insights At Activate…

Docent Health, a medical knowledge record and services company, currently expelled formula display how innovations in studious texting are pushing improvements in studious rendezvous and lowered costs of care. By regulating mobile communications in courteous ways, Docent Health is formulating ability to residence amicable determinants of health during scale, while concurrently improving a studious experience.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have settled that achieving health equity and pushing improvements for all patients need serve investment in collection that residence amicable determinants and tighten caring gaps. However, constraints on budgets and resourcing make it increasingly formidable to yield high-touch services to all patients, quite those populations with singular or formidable needs.

Docent Health uses a knowledge comprehension height to well and effectively personalize interactions for whole populations opposite phone, email, and text, though goes a step serve by also providing patients entrance to a live, non-clinical navigator. Together, a record and a “docent” separate support and superintendence opposite internal village resources, educational programs, and caring preparation, while also orchestrating activities with caring teams and amicable support resources.

Jacqueline Thong, Docent Health’s Senior Director of Product Performance, will be presenting a investigate and formula during Activate 2019 in Los Angeles, CA on Oct 10th. A preview of some of a investigate commentary are:

  • 89% of patients actively intent with a Docent Health module when offered
  • 76% of all studious interactions are by content message
  • 3.5x docent navigator efficiencies gained, permitting navigators to spend some-more time with patients who need additional support

“Docent Health believes a hurdles of complicated medical need a right change of technological and tellurian services,” pronounced Paul Roscoe, CEO of Docent Health. “Our studious rendezvous investigate is pushing this forward, and we’re saying decisive justification that providing extended support formula in healthier and happier patients.”

Docent Health’s record height collects countless singular studious attributes, afterwards uses a exclusive knowledge comprehension collection to investigate those inputs and predictively establish a right communications to rise studious relations and assistance coordinate care. The Docent Health research employed a vast dataset of over 130,000 interactions with patients in several markets via a United States.

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