dotCMS Adds Performance Improvements for Customers with Large Content…

dotCMS, a leading-edge, open source hybrid calm government program company, announces their latest release, dotCMS 5.1.5 that adds new features, opening improvements for business with vast calm repositories, and teenager upgrades. This recover builds on a many new vital release, dotCMS 5.1.

“This new version, dotCMS 5.1.5, while not a vital release, still has a lot to offer a users,” pronounced Will Ezell, dotCMS CTO. “Users will notice a changes immediately, from a cleaner, rested login shade to a new stateless API pivotal functionality and more.”

Notable changes in dotCMS 5.1.5. include:

  • Custom calm portlets that let users pattern their possess calm portlets (e.g. “News Manager”)
  • Layouts can now supplement classes to Rows and Containers
  • New Stateless API Tokens that can be released / revoked from a UI
  • A cleaner, redesigned login screen
  • Legacy dotCMS endpoints now accept JSON and API tokens (for example, adding and pulling a bundle)
  • Reindex opening has been severely improved
  • Workflow APIs can be used instead of a Content APIs to pull API Content by tangible workflow processes. Content that uses a Workflow API can embody binaries and relationships. Workflow actions can be specified by name or id (feature relation with /api/content)

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About dotCMS

dotCMS is a leading, open source calm and patron knowledge government height for companies that wish creation and opening pushing their websites and other content-driven applications. Extensible and massively scalable, both tiny and vast organizations can fast broach personalized and enchanting calm opposite browsers, mobile devices, channels, second screens and endpoints — all from a singular system.

Founded in 2003, dotCMS is a secretly owned US association with offices in Miami, Florida; Boston, Massachusetts and San Jose, Costa Rica. With a tellurian network of approved growth partners and an active open source community, dotCMS has generated some-more than a half-million downloads and thousands of implementations and formation projects worldwide. Notable dotCMS business include: Telus, Standard Poors, Hospital Corporation of America, Royal Bank of Canada, DirecTV, Thomson Reuters, China Mobile, Aon, and DriveTest Ontario.

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