Dragon Age: Inquisition – Story-Based DLC Coming

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s artistic executive Mike Laidlaw has suggested in a new interview, that Bioware is tough during work on additional story-based calm for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Multiplayer DLC has already been expelled and there is some-more coming, though Laidlaw, certified that what are fans are watchful for is a singular actor calm for Dragon Age: inquisition.

Dragon Age Inquisition


No specifics on a enlargement were revealed, other than it will be stability a story and underline poignant new areas to explore.

The dual large pulls are – ‘I wish some-more of this game’ and ‘I’ve reached a finale and we wish to know some-more about a characters, or one specific character’,”

Laidlaw said, and BioWare intends to greatfully both schools of thought.

Dragon Age (2)

It has roughly been 5 months given Dragon Age: Inquisition’s launch, and a studio has been comparatively still per any additional content, compared to their plan in prior Dragon Age iterations. Laidlaw explained that Bioware done an early preference not to speak about DLC before or around Dragon Age: Inquisition’s launch, both since of consumer detachment to calm suggested before growth is finished and due to a group still perplexing to figure what a calm will include of.


Dragon Age: Inquisition has been entertainment Game of a Year awards for a final few months, and deservedly  so. It is impossibly abounding singular actor knowledge with hours of scrutiny and adventure, and a really enthralling story. The breathtakingly pleasing locales ride we into an immersive anticipation world, with really engaging characters concomitant we on your journeys, and facilities a low and rewarding fighting system.


It will be utterly engaging to see how Bioware will swell a story of Dragon Age: Inquisition, and what new characters and areas they will introduce. Bioware is also rumored to be operative on a new Star Wars game, and hopefully some information on that will be suggested during a Star Wars Celebration subsequent month.

We will move we any new information on Dragon Age: Inquisition and a additional content, as shortly as it becomes available.

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