Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender Review

Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender: At a Glance

The Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender shows a noted ascent from a strange model. It comes with a preference of accessories charity on a medium budget, yet with increasing energy and usability.

Dualit enlisted a consultant recommendation of Monica Galetti (of Master Chef and La Gavroche fame) for a latest palm blender. Her submit is clear in a results.

Although a DHB2 isn’t perfect, it some-more than justifies a £80 cost tab with a array of attachments.

Dualit DHB2

Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender: Design Features

One of a good things about a Dualit DHB2 is a ergonomic design. The tip of a blender curves around your hand, vouchsafing we keep a good reason while we blend. You still have entrance to a energy buttons though, that you’ll need to reason down in sequence for a DHB2 to function.

This pattern creates it gentle to reason possibly you’re a lefty or a righty, so we don’t need to worry about swapping hands either.

Straight out of a box, a Dualit DHB2 looks good — all glossy chrome finishes and black cosmetic detailing. After a few uses we found it was removing lonesome in fingerprints and watermarks. These are wily to dumpy off and it was looking flattering well-used even during this stage.

It’s a tiny unhappy Dualit isn’t charity a DHB2 in opposite finishes to make it a tiny easier to maintain. But it’s not like you’re going to have it out on uncover all a time anyway. For a infancy of a lifetime, it will lay in a cupboard. You’ll have to confirm possibly a quick tarnished physique bothers we that much.

Like many other palm blenders, a DHB2 comes with a few accessories that make it one of those all-rounder kitchen gadgets. For your £80 we get a branch blender, a whisk, mini food processor pot and a high measuring jug, in that we can make smoothies and other recipes.

The DHB2 territory thatch true into a branch blender, yet you’ll need to use a adaptor territory for a drive and food processor. For palliate of use there’s a line and close black on a territory to shoe where things compare up.

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Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender

Dualit Hand Blender: What’s it like to use?

Dualit’s prior palm blender, a DHB1, usually had a 500W engine and couldn’t keep gait with other palm blenders during a turn or above. The latest DHB2 indication has an upgraded 700W motor, that creates a good disproportion when rebellious your recipes.

Between a turbo and energy buttons you’ll find a circle for adjusting a speed of a DHB2. The tip speed is intensely capable, slicing by vast chunks of food with ease.

But what’s good is there are reduce speeds accessible too. These are usually quick adequate to drive a some-more liquid substances, like pancake beat for example, in a vast play yet covering we and your kitchen.

The DHB2 is also propitious with a turbo function, vouchsafing we give a blades an additional detonate of speed when required.

One of a favourite new facilities of a DHB2 palm blender is a revamped food processor pot. Its new further is a accessible declaim where we can feed in reduction while you’re blending. Thus definition we don’t have to keep holding a whole tip off.

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Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender
It’s propitious with a accessible silicon bung to keep it sealed if we don’t need it. But, regardless of what we are pulsing and during what speed, food frequency creates it behind adult a declaim to escape.

The tangible food estimate pot itself isn’t large, so we might wish to opt for a opposite apparatus if you’ve got a vast volume to put in. We found it was adequate for formulating many sauces, dips and other concoctions.

But there are a integrate of issues with a new indication processor and one of those is lid security. Although a territory and adaptor close together securely, there’s no approach to close a adaptor into a pot.

The territory can trip out of a bottom pot and we can turn a lid off a processor pot if hold wrongly or if you’re not profitable full attention.

The tangible blades of a food processor are crafty though, as they are twin layered to accumulate adult reduction that get stranded adult a sides.

They’re pointy adequate to cut by anything we presented them. That includes whole cherry tomatoes for salsa, digestive biscuits for a cheesecake bottom and chickpeas for hummus.

They could do with being a tiny longer though, as we can get a bit food building adult during a sides where a blades can’t utterly strech it. This is some-more of a problem for thicker foodstuffs than well-spoken sauces, yet it is something to watch out for.

Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender

There’s also a some-more normal branch blender connection for a DHB2. Dualit has revamped this too with a new cosmetic blade protector. This lets we use it in saucepans and other containers yet scratching a base.

This is useful generally when consistent prohibited foods, as we can mix them true in a vessel yet carrying to unwashed another pot.

This cosmetic bottom has also has name gaps around a edge, permitting for suction-free blending. We’ve never beheld this was a problem with other branch blenders, yet it’s positively not an emanate with a DHB2.

What was somewhat vitriolic with a branch blender on a latest Dualit indication is a fact a tip is too flat. Your reduction will get stranded on tip of a blade housing, definition we spasmodic need to scratch off a tip to keep we reduction smooth.

It’s usually a tiny emanate yet it can turn utterly irritating when you’re consistent for prolonged durations of time. The branch blender is a illusory bit of pack though, with a non-static speeds permitting we to select how corpulent we wish your sauces.

It’s also a many versatile of a attachments. We favourite regulating with a enclosed measuring jug for creation morning smoothies.

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Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender

Finally you’ve got a whisk, that is good for a budding bakers and some-more veteran alike. Like a branch blender, we can use it with flattering many any container. Plus, interjection to a non-static speeds, a knowledge is most dash free.

The drive slots into a adaptor and feels secure, to a indicate that it can be utterly wily to get behind out again.

Dualit DHB2 Hand Blender

Should we buy a Dualit Hand Blender?

If you’re looking for a good all turn palm consistent knowledge on a important budget, afterwards a Dualit DHB2 palm blender is a illusory option.

It isn’t flawless by any means, yet a accessories, speed control and turbo boost offer a resolution for all your culinary consistent needs. We achieved good formula with a mixed recipes we attempted out and haven’t reverted behind to a prior indication since.

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