Dualit Mini Oven

What is a Dualit Mini Oven?

Designed to do roughly all a full-sized oven can though in a discerning pre-heating package, Dualit’s Mini Oven is a stylish resolution to boost your cooking capacity.

As good as prohibited atmosphere for baking all from bread to cookies, there’s a convection choice that uses a fan for faster results, creation it ideal for dishes such as cakes, brownies and coupler potatoes. There’s even a defrost environment (using a fan though heat) and a griddle for bacon, fish, duck and, of course, ideally browned toast – a curtsy to a company’s birthright and imagination in creation world-class toasters.

Plus, with a ability to feverishness adult to 180oC in usually 3 minutes, and 230oC in 5 minutes, it’s as accessible for bland dinners as it is when catering for a crowd.

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Dualit Mini Oven

Dualit Mini Oven – Design and Features

Sure, it competence demeanour like a high-end microwave, with a radiant chrome finish and double-glazed door, though a Mini Oven is a opposite savage altogether. Along with a iconic Dualit styling, there are copiousness of crafty facilities that set it detached from allied tabletop ovens, such as a full-width particle tray that pulls out during a front and non-stick surfaces that make cleaning a interior easy. Inside, you’ll find a inexhaustible 18-litre form and a winding behind to make housing round dishes a breeze.

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Dualit Mini Oven

The controls have been designed to be elementary to use. Three rotary dials control cooking time (up to 2 hours), feverishness (from 100-230oC) and duty (defrost, grill, bake and convection), while a bell sounds once cooking time has elapsed.

Accessories embody a griddle vessel with a removable hoop and a pizza pan, while a top, that heats adult during cooking, can be used as a image warmer. Lightweight adequate to be changed around a kitchen as required, it even has buffers on a behind to forestall it being located too tighten to a wall.

Dualit Mini Oven

Dualit Mini Oven – What is it like to use?

Clear instructions meant that removing adult and regulating with a Mini Oven was quick, and there’s a accessible beam to what food to prepare during that feverishness and on that shelf position.

I started by regulating a bake duty to blind-bake fritter during 200oC. Selecting a accurate feverishness was tricky, given it’s noted in increments of 100, 140, 180 and 230oC, though selecting a mid indicate seemed to make a oven prohibited adequate to bake pastry.

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Dualit Mini Oven

The oven exhilarated adult in reduction than 5 minutes, with a immature light extinguishing once it had reached temperature. Some kind of heard ping would have been useful to imply this as well. Like a feverishness dial, a timer is noted in vast increments of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes, so we could usually approximately name a 25 mins time compulsory to feverishness adult and prepare a pastry. For some-more accurate cooking, a kitchen timer would be advisable.

Dualit Mini Oven

The oval image I’d comparison propitious inside neatly, and once 15 mins had elapsed we checked a pastry’s progress. There was no light inside a oven, so a drop-down doorway indispensable to be non-stop to see how brownish-red a fritter had become. The fritter box had baked good and indispensable usually a few mins some-more to finish cooking, before adding a cake stuffing and baking it for a serve 30 minutes. The finished cake was uniformly baked and a fritter was easily browned.

Dualit Mini Oven

Next, we chose a convection environment to prepare a solidified pizza with a low crust. Placing it on a pizza pan, we set a feverishness of 220oC as per a instructions and baked it for around 15 minutes. Again, a light inside would have been useful to equivocate carrying to open a oven doorway to guard progress. Once a time had elapsed, a pizza was sufficient browned on tip and – interjection to a pizza vessel – there was also some light browning on a base. The tip of a Mini Oven was useful for warming a image usually before serving.

Dualit Mini Oven

Finally, we comparison a griddle duty during 230oC to toast slices of bread. Two slices propitious orderly onto a griddle vessel and a removable hoop done it easy to insert and mislay a vessel any few mins to check on progress. The toasting was even, with any side requiring around 2-3 mins to brownish-red completely.

All a accessories granted with a oven are dishwasher-safe, and a usually cleaning compulsory was a ubiquitous clean down of a oven, a discerning dry off, and emptying of a particle tray.

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Dualit Mini Oven

Should we buy a Dualit Mini Oven?

If cramming another oven into your kitchen isn’t an option, or if you’re a renter, a Dualit Mini Oven is a good buy. There’s minimal watchful for it to feverishness adult and a cooking is consistent. It’s a good energy-saving option, too, given there’s no need to feverishness a whole oven form for tiny dishes.

An inner light and digital settings would urge a Mini Oven immeasurably, though there’s no jealous a opening and versatility. However, we might onslaught to find cookware to fit inside – and tiny adequate pizzas.

Dualit Mini Oven


A shining additional oven or usually choice for compress kitchens, a Dualit Mini Oven is tiny in distance though large on features.

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