Dyson AM08

What is a Dyson AM08?

The AM08 is a Dyson’s pedestal chronicle of a desktop fan. This indication adds in full tallness adjustment, creation it a tiny some-more stretchable than a desktop versions. It’s a cooling-only product, so we don’t get a feverishness options or atmosphere cleanser of a Pure Hot+Cool Link.

Dyson AM08 – Design

There’s no mistaking a particular demeanour of Dyson’s fans. On a AM08, a vast bladeless fan conduct still looks as considerable currently as it did when a initial Dyson fan was launched; there’s something utterly neat about being means to hang your conduct by a middle.

One of a categorical reasons to opt for a pedestal fan is for a larger operation of adjustments that such models offer. With a AM08, we get tallness composition between 1110mm to 1410mm. Cleverly, a fan uses a elementary telescopic stick that we lift adult or pull down.

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Dyson AM08 3

The fan conduct pivots, too, simply by grabbing a conduct and pulling it in a instruction we wish it to go. The tube inside, that looks like a gangling partial from a opening cleaner hose, binds a fan conduct resolutely in position.

Dyson AM08 4

Since a AM08 doesn’t have any of a fiddly screws of other fans, creation adjustments discerning and easy. As a result, we found myself tweaking a position of a AM08 some-more regularly, bettering it to my situation, depending on either we was sat during my table or resting on a sofa. Motorised fluctuation is built in, too, vouchsafing a fan rotatefrom side to side to cold an whole room.

There are no controls bar a energy symbol on a bottom unit, so a neat remote control is crucial. Fortunately, as with prior Dyson fans, a remote is captivating and attaches to a tip of a fan, that creates it harder to lose.

Dyson AM08 1

The remote lets we cycle by a fan’s 10 speed settings, toggle a fluctuation mode, and set a nap timer: a fan starts in increments of 15 mins and goes adult to 9 hours. Of course, we can energy a fan on and off. A tiny digital arrangement during a bottom of a bottom shows we a stream fan speed, or a nap timer environment that you’ve chosen.

Dyson AM08 – Performance

Dyson’s Air Multiplier record is during a heart of a AM08. Rather than blustering out varying degrees of airflow from a spinning fan blade, Air Multiplier offers adult a jet of smoother airflow. If we reason your palm adult to a head, we can feel that there’s a plain blast of atmosphere from a centre, though a skinny jet emanating from all around a sides of a head.

Dyson AM08 5

It’s a distant reduction forward zephyr of atmosphere than you’d get from a normal fan. Measuring from a stretch of 15cm, we saw atmosphere speeds of 3.5m/s on a AM08’s limit environment and 0.8m/s during a smallest setting. A normal fan might change some-more atmosphere when totalled centrally, though they’re not as pleasing to lay in front of.

Moving to 1.5m away, airflow was a decent 1.8m/s during maximum, nonetheless a anemometer wasn’t supportive adequate to detect a pointed zephyr with a fan set to a smallest setting. At limit speed, a totalled dump in atmosphere transformation from tighten operation to 1.5m is reduction than you’d see with a normal bladed fan.

More importantly, a AM08’s 10 speed settings offer a outrageous range. No matter either we need a clever blast on a hottest day of a year, or only a drip of airflow to assistance disseminate atmosphere in a bleak room.

One of a biggest problems with many fans is noise, though a AM08 continues Dyson’s tradition. At a lowest setting, we totalled fan sound during only 40.08dB. Noise increases with fan speed, though a 10 speed settings make it easier to find a change between sound levels and cooling performance. we positively found that this was a fan that we was happy to have on constantly, either sleeping or examination TV.

Dyson AM08 2

A pristine decibel rating doesn’t tell we everything, however. While a lot of normal fans are utterly annoying, with a sound of relocating atmosphere blending with a engine and spinning blades, a AM08 is different. Here, we get only a slight sound from a engine and a reduce sound from a relocating air. Overall, a AM08 produces a distant reduction forward sound than normal fans.

At a lowest setting, we totalled a fan as sketch only 5.1W of power. That’s super-low, and demonstrates that a AM08 is inexpensive to run on a lowest settings for peaceful airflow. Go to limit and energy expenditure increases to a still reasonable 50.7W.

Should we buy a Dyson AM08?

There’s no ignoring that, during £350, a AM08 is an costly fan. That’s £100 some-more than shopping a desktop version, a AM06. But, that’s not to contend that a AM08 isn’t value a cash. If we wish a fan that offers copiousness of adjustment, that we can run near-constantly, afterwards a AM08 is a indication to buy.

Arguably, if we only wish a blast of atmosphere for prohibited days, a normal pedestal fan will infer a cheaper option. If we wish a indication that can outlay feverishness and freshen your air, a Pure Hot + Cool Link is a best option.


A smart-looking fan, charity copiousness of composition and 10 speed settings – though it’s expensive.

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