Dyson Cool AM06 Review

What is a Dyson Cool AM06?

The Dyson Cool AM06 is a approach deputy to Dyson’s initial incursion into a desktop fan space – a at-the-time forward-thinking AM01. The Dyson Cool AM06 adds a nap timer, a some-more polished design, and Dyson reckons it’s 75 per cent quieter and uses 40 per cent reduction appetite than a AM01 or a Dyson AM02 building fan.

With prices starting from £220 for a Iron/Blue and White/Silver options (the Black/Nickel chronicle reviewed is £30 additional still), a Dyson Cool AM06 is distant from cheap. But, as before, you’ll onslaught to find a desktop fan as worldly as this, and we still adore it for that.

Dyson Cool AM06

Dyson Cool AM06: Design

The AM06 is really most an iterative update, rather than a vital refresh, yet that’s no reason to be disappointed. Despite usually tiny adjustments being done to a still unconventional looking bladeless fan, a AM06 is Dyson’s best looking atmosphere multiplier yet.

A larger, 30cm hole airflow amp (that’s a bit in a center where a ‘fan’ would routinely go) accentuates a atmosphere multiplier’s stylish bladeless design, while stealing all of a fan’s bottom mounted earthy controls – bar a appetite switch – gives it a sleek, uncluttered finish.

This new pattern comes during some costs, however. The AM06 is dual inches taller (12-inches total) than a AM01, creation it an commanding further to any table or tabletop. At 1.8kg, it’s still really unstable – you’ll have no problem carting it from table to bedside or kitchen and behind – yet you’ll notice it some-more wherever we keep it. We’re not totally sole on losing a earthy controls, either. It means we have to rest usually on a rather easy to remove remote when we’d earlier strech opposite and adjust a speed directly.

As with past Dyson Air Multipliers, however, this remote – that controls all elements of a fan – can be magnetically trustworthy to a tip of a fan when not in use. This handy, crafty and stylish storage resource goes some approach to overcoming a pitfalls of a button-free bottom unit.

Another hangover from Dyson’s past atmosphere multiplier fans – this one neglected – is a volume of dirt a AM06 attracts. Both a soothing hold and tough cosmetic elements are disposed to attracting dirt in immeasurable quantities. Aside from looking ugly, it means you’ll humour a breeze of dirt when incited on unless you’re an courteous duster. We’re not certain how Dyson could fight this, yet it’s an distrurbance that persists.

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Dyson Cool AM06

Dyson Cool AM06: Features and Performance

First things first, this is a fan, not an atmosphere conditioning unit. The AM06 does not furnish cold atmosphere itself, instead it draws atmosphere in by a base, accelerating it by a tiny, destined orifice in sequence to emanate a cooling effect. Unlike normal bladed fans, however, it does this in a smooth, unbuffeted manner, with a solid continual upsurge of atmosphere assisting improved umpire a heat of your physique and room.

As with design, a opening improvements of a Dyson Cool AM06 over a predecessors are really most a box of expansion rather than revolution, with a further of a nap timer being a categorical new further and one that’s a tiny overdue.

The nap timer can be set regulating a remote control during a series of pre-set intervals from usually 15 mins to a full 9 hours. It’s easy to setup regulating a remote and a tiny LED screen, yet there’s no approach to guard how prolonged a fan has left. It’s not a vital problem, yet it would be useful to know.

Using a AM06 for a integrate of weeks, we have zero yet regard for a nap timer. Once a fan’s inbuilt timer hits a preferred cut-off point, a AM06 simply shuts down, no fuss, no fanfare, usually a light decrease in airflow until a appurtenance falls totally silent. It’s a really useful approach to safeguard we don’t arise adult all prohibited and bothered, and that a fan is already using to keep we cold as we go to sleep.

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Dyson Cool AM06

Like a company’s past atmosphere multipliers and heaters, a Dyson Cool AM06 advantages from a same sloping conduct mechanism, permitting we to improved approach a escape airflow. Similarly, a automatic fluctuation – rotating in a prolonged left to right arch and behind again – is enclosed alongside 10 appetite levels that let we select from all from a peaceful smoke of atmosphere to a robust gale.

Even if opting for inclement gusts of air, a latest Dyson Cool is still pretty quiet. The AM01 was distant from loud, yet a AM06 is even reduction disruptive. Used in a vital room while examination TV, dual ceiling clicks on a volume control will simply cover a atmosphere multiplier’s drone. More importantly, used in a bedroom, a AM06’s peaceful whirring of atmosphere won’t keep we awake.

Dyson has reduced a sound of a latest fan by 75 per cent, not by magic or sound interesting string wool, usually a integrate of tiny alterations that mix to make a large difference.

By tightening a airflow tubes within a fan, Dyson has significantly reduced atmosphere turmoil and as such most of a reverb, that can means a lot of noise. These efforts have warranted a AM06 a Quiet Mark endowment for a reduced sound – an endowment managed by a Noise Abatement Society charity.

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Dyson Cool AM06
Should we buy a Dyson Cool AM06?

As always with Dyson products, a AM06 is expensive. At £220 this fan is not easy on your wallet and for those endangered usually by a need to cold down, there are dozens of basic, normal fans that will do a pursuit to some border for a tenth of a price.

A two-year pledge should go some approach to damp those with cost concerns, nonetheless a atmosphere multiplier is still heavily reliant on a overwhelming pattern to make it a estimable purchase.

However, if you’re anticipating it tough to nap with a comfortable summer nights, or need a discerning cold down during your bureau after a lunchtime run or gym session, we can do most worse than a Dyson Cool AM06.

There are not adequate new underline additions or advantages to make a AM06 a must-have upgrade, yet for those with a money to bake and a need for something stylish and effective, a Dyson Cool AM06


The Dyson AM06 is a ideal messenger for warm, humid nights. The further of a nap timer removes a need to concede comfort over appetite saving, while a reduced sound means gripping cold won’t keep we awake. You are still profitable for character and a code name, though.

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