Dyson DC54 Animal Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is a Dyson DC54 Animal?

The DC54 Animal is Dyson’s top-of-the-line cylinder cleaner, braggadocio a company’s many fit storm record to date. Using lots – 54 in fact – of really tiny cyclones packaged firmly together, a DC54 aims to constraint some-more tiny sand particles in a bin than prior generations have. This keeps a filter purify to a indicate where no upkeep is compulsory and offers British Allergy Foundation capitulation of a empty atmosphere that’s upheld by a machine.

The trade-off is that a DC54 runs tighten to a EU appetite extent of 1600W and is indeed usually rated as category D for appetite efficiency.

The DC54 has Dyson’s ‘ball’ circle record and comes granted with a operation of collection that should make it ideal for picking adult pet hairs from each indentation and corner in a home. There’s a suction-release symbol conveniently located on a handle, and a sand bin’s undergone a redesign, too. It can now be emptied some-more hygienically with a singular symbol press, and comes with a secluded mini-brush to assistance purify out a misfortune grime. The wand sits orderly on a categorical physique for proxy storage. 

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Dyson DC54 Animal

Dyson DC54 Animal – Accessories

The DC54 offers on-board storage for a upholstery brush and a combination, defect powdering brush tool. However it is a mains contingent of heads that pet owners in sold will find many useful. The CO twine turbine conduct has a vast rotating brush bar propitious with both unbending nylon bristles and soothing CO twine filaments. The unbending bristles are ideal for loosing sand from runner while a soothing CO fibres kindly lift sand from tough floors though simply throwing particles out in front of a brush.

Dyson DC54 Animal

A standard, large, dual-mode building apparatus is also granted for heavy-duty cleaning of both carpets and tough floors that itself has wheels for easy steering.

Dyson DC54 Animal

The title apparatus for pet owners is a acquire inclusion of Dyson’s tangle-free turbine tool. This uses dual plane brushes that opposite stagger to collect adult pet hairs though a hairs removing wrapped around a brush bar. We already know this is a glorious apparatus for pet owners from a DC41 Mk2 Animal review, so a DC54 Animal comes to a exam dais with glorious ‘pedigree’.

Dyson DC54 Animal

Dyson DC54 Animal – Cleaning Floors

From a opening a DC54 Animal sets new standards for manoeuvrability, either you’re on carpets or tough floors. The ‘ball’ is indeed dual semi-circular wheels that openly stagger and are assisted by dual tiny manoeuvre wheels. The outcome is a cylinder cleaner that simply follows we around like a inspired pet, with really tiny bid compulsory to lift it anywhere. The vast categorical conduct swivels to utterly an strident angle, permitting a wand and conduct to get into a tightest corners and smallest spaces. It spotless right adult to a edges and was really effective during picking adult pet hair, even before we attempted a other dual heads.

Dyson DC54 Animal
Our exam runner before and after. A glorious cleaning performance

The CO twine turbine conduct valid to be unusually good on tough floors, where a soothing bristles seemed to attract and lift sand particles into a trail of a atmosphere suction. The tangle-free turbine apparatus will be of many seductiveness to pet owners, as it spotless stairs, upholstery and pet beds with ease, and resisted removing wrapped adult with moult hairs from a long-haired limit collie. The DC54 isn’t a quietest cleaner on a marketplace and a 85dB sound turn can be utterly intrusive. That’s about a same volume turn as complicated highway traffic.

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Dyson DC54 Animal – On Stairs

This is one of a really few cylinder machines we’ve tested that simply cleans stairs regulating a categorical conduct attachment. It’s light, easy to drive and a multiple of a prolonged wand and prolonged hose make it really easy to go from floors to stairs and behind to floors though ever changing a head.

For stairs with a powdering of pet hairs a categorical conduct works really well, though if we need even some-more consummate cleaning a tangle-free turbine apparatus is glorious during lifting even worse soil like dried-on mud. Both collection simply get into a corners of slight stairs with turns and spirals.

The cleaner itself is sincerely light to collect adult and lift upstairs. If we have a lot of stairs, a DC54 is good offset and tiny adequate to lay positively and firmly on a step while we opening serve adult or down. Only a 6.7m wire lets a side down a bit, as an 8m or longer wire would have done even a tallest stairs a breeze.

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Dyson DC54 Animal

Dyson DC54 Animal – Pet Hair

The DC54 Animal is a best opening cleaner we’ve tested for picking adult pet hairs, and it’s roughly educational that one of a 3 categorical turbo heads we use – they’re all excellent. The categorical conduct indeed privileged a 30cm exam area of churned Collie and Labrador hair a quickest, in only 3 seconds! However we can see a tangle-free turbine apparatus being potentially a best apparatus for stairs, bedding and upholstery in homes with pets, as a pattern reduces a volume of apparatus cleaning required.

Should we buy a Dyson DC54 Animal?

The DC54 Animal was clearly streamer towards another 10/10 exam outcome for Dyson. We were removing used to a sound and even a somewhat brief wire is countered by a prolonged hose. However, on removing a appurtenance out for only a second exam day, a wire rewind resource broke, withdrawal us with over 6m of lax wire that wouldn’t redress behind into a machine.

A discerning call to Dyson’s assistance table suggested it wasn’t a user fix, though they did immediately offer to get an operative on a case. So unfortunately a teenager relapse on a exam representation sinister what’s differently an positively superb cylinder cleaner for any home, with or though pets.

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