Dyson DC59 Vacuum Cleaners Review

Review Update 03/12/14: We initial reviewed a Dyson DC59 final year. Since afterwards we’ve seen several new cordless opening cleaners come to a market, so we suspicion now was a good time to revisit a DC59 and see how it compares to some of a new models. Originally reviewed by Luke Johnson, updates by Andy Vandervell.

What is a Dyson DC59?

There’s a series going on and it’s powered by batteries. Some of a best and many engaging opening cleaners in 2013 and 2014 have been cordless vacs. From a Gtech AirRam to a Bosch Athlet, lots of brands now have cordless opening cleaners that aim to give we incomparable leisure yet concede and a Dyson DC59 is one.

A follow-up to a Dyson DC34, a Dyson DC59 aims to yield a same cleaning opening of Dyson’s incomparable opening cleaners yet in a small, unstable and cordless body. It claims a 20-minute battery life and is light adequate for many people to use single-handed. Moreover, distinct Dyson’s handheld models, a prolonged arm connection means tough to strech areas are easy to get to. It’s now cheaper than when we initial reviewed it (down to £280 from £350 during launch), creation it improved value than before.

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Dyson DC59

Dyson DC59: Design Features

The Dyson DC59 creates a good initial impression. This isn’t a arrange of nauseous opening we wish out of steer in a cupboard, it’s a attractive complicated gadget. It’s also packaged full of courteous pattern tweaks that uncover Dyson has suspicion tough about how people will use a DC59.

One of a biggest is a energy button. Rather
than a elementary on/off switch button, a DC59 has a energy trigger we contingency hold
down that helps extend a organic battery life

That’s since a trigger complement means we never leave it using unnecessarily, that creates a difference
between a DC59’s battery life and a 40-minute cleaning time of a Gtech Air Ram reduction pronounced. It also matches adult pretty good to a Bosch Athlet when used on a ‘normal’ setting, yet a Bosch claims adult to 60-minutes when used on a lowest energy environment for tough floors.

practice, we found a DC59’s battery life was some-more than copiousness for a integrate of full sweeps of a
moderately sized two-bedroom house.

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Dyson DC59
all this said, it does strengthen a fact a Dyson DC59 is unequivocally a
vacuum cleaner for smaller households, or a delegate cleaner for discerning ‘top-up’ cleans. Its distance and nimble pattern make
it ideal for tiny houses and flats, yet it’s a parsimonious extent to purify a
large family residence in 20 minutes.

That evidence is upheld by a singular 0.4-litre dirt capacity, a decent volume reduction than a 0.9 litres of a Bosch Athlet. As with a battery life, 0.4-litres is adequate for tiny homes and flats, yet it’s not adequate for incomparable homes if used as your primary cleaner.

But what a DC59 lacks in capacity, it some-more than creates adult for with levity and palliate of use. The Dyson DC59
isn’t too tough on your wrist or behind as it weighs usually dual kilos
(about a same many laptops). It’s easy to lean it to the
ceiling or strech parsimonious corners with minimal strain, that is down to how uniformly a 2kg weight is distributed. It’s an impossibly good offset machine.

Our usually other tiny censure is a series of damage outlines and
blemishes a motorised cleaning conduct acquired after usually a integrate of weeks
of use. It’s not a vicious problem, yet we design a small more
hardiness during this price.

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Dyson DC59

Dyson DC59: Accessories

The Dyson DC59 comes with copiousness of accessories to tackle a accumulation of jobs.
The categorical one is a motorised cleaning conduct for normal carpets, yet it
uses some-more energy so there’s a customary non-motorised one as good in
addition to a defect apparatus and bristled prolongation for those more
delicate areas.

All of these attachments fit possibly directly to a body, or during a end
of a one-metre firm extension, that means a Dyson DC59 comfortably
doubles as a handheld opening (for automobile interiors, list tops etc.) and a
customary opening for normal housework. It’s an impossibly versatile machine.

But, while we adore DC59’s flexibility and dexterity, a many practical
feature is a neat wall mounted advancing station. The dock, that screws
into a wall, is a shining further that stores and charges the
vacuum, and binds dual cleaning attachments. It’s useful so that you
don’t forget to assign a DC59 between cleans – an critical point
considering a 20-minute battery life.

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