Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk

What is a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk?

As good as fans can be for assisting disseminate atmosphere and gripping we cold on a prohibited day, if we wish to make a atmosphere around we healthier afterwards we need an atmosphere purifier. The good news is a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk does both jobs, and it’s all controllable around your smartphone, too.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk – Design

I’m still as tender with Dyson’s fan pattern today, as we was on saying a really initial model. Getting absolved of a normal fan blades in a head, and withdrawal a halo that we can put your conduct by means that a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk looks incredible. Certainly, this is each bit a high-end fan that you’d wish to have on display.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk 4

Initially, a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk doesn’t demeanour as yet it offers any adjustment, though a physique pivots, so we can angle a airflow adult or down, and there’s mechanised oscillation, too. Since this fan also purifies a air, we can lift a tip off to get during a HEPA filter inside. This should final for around a year, with deputy filters costing £50.

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Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk – Features

As with other Dyson models, a categorical physique doesn’t have any controls on it, bar a energy button. Instead, there’s a remote control. As with other Dyson fans, a remote is magnetic, adhering to a tip of a fan when it isn’t in use.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk 1

From a remote, we can control everything, with a little LCD shade arrangement we your settings. You can step by a fan’s 10 speed settings, toggle fluctuation and set a nap timer (increments of 15 mins adult to one hour, afterwards hourly adult to 9 hours). Plus, a night mode sets a fan to smallest and dims a display. For catharsis mode, it’s also probable to set a fan to Auto, vouchsafing it flog adult a fan speed as compulsory to understanding with bad atmosphere quality.

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You’re not singular to regulating a remote control, given this fan also hooks adult to your Wi-Fi and can be tranquil by a Dyson Link app. From here, we get entrance to all of a controls supposing by a remote, so we don’t even have to get adult to spin on your fan. The app lets we set a schedule, automatically branch a fan on or off to your pre-defined settings as we see fit. This can be accessible to equivocate a fan using when it isn’t required; in turn, this can extend a HEPA filter’s life.

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From a app’s homescreen we can perspective your tide atmosphere quality, heat and humidity. Tapping a arrangement lets we go behind and perspective atmosphere peculiarity over time, so we can establish a ubiquitous trends. In turn, this can assistance we make choices to urge atmosphere quality, such as slicing out some cleaning sprays if we notice that they make your atmosphere peculiarity deteriorate.

While Dyson can detect particulate matter and flighty organic compounds (VOCs are damaging chemicals in a atmosphere that can come from cleaning sprays or even aged furniture), it doesn’t heed between a opposite pollutant sources. If we wish a some-more in-depth demeanour during what’s function in your home, we need an atmosphere peculiarity guard such as a glorious Foobot.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk – Performance

As a fan, a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk performs as good as other Dyson models. On a smallest setting, a fan is flattering most silent, usually promulgation out a little lurch of air. On a limit setting, a fan jumped to 56.7dB, though we totalled atmosphere speed during a discerning 3.2m/s.

Measuring atmosphere speed is difficult, given a Pure Cool Link Desk outputs a skinny tide from all around a head; a outcome is a pleasing cooling outcome though a buffing and tough rush of atmosphere from a normal bladed fan. Power expenditure during 32W limit and 4.1W smallest is really competitive.

For atmosphere purification, Dyson doesn’t quote any Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) figures. Instead, a association says that a fan removes 99.95% of particulate matter (PM) next 0.1µm, and it can constraint damaging gasses and discharge odours. PM can dig lungs, causing respiratory problems and is a source of allergens.

Spraying some insect mist – a source of particulate matter – we found that a fan kicked adult to full speed and easy PM behind to normal levels in reduction than dual minutes. In ubiquitous use, environment a fan to Auto would see it spin adult a few times a day, cleaning a atmosphere after cooking, or cleaning, though also lovely my bureau when we initial entered a room, or we non-stop a window and introduced outmost pollutants.

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The usually intensity teenager emanate is in a center of winter, when it’s doubtful that you’ll wish a cooling outcome of a fan floating over you; we might need to reposition a Pure Cool Link in colder weather.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk – Alexa

Dyson has usually enabled a Alexa skill, and it works brilliantly. Talking to your Echo, we can ask Alexa what your tide atmosphere peculiarity is like. You can also control a fan, behaving all of a same commands that a remote and apps provide.

Should we buy a Dyson Pure Cool Link Desk?

Dyson facilely combines fit catharsis with cooling. If we wish an all-in-one device, afterwards there’s zero else utterly like it. For those who humour serious allergy problems, or need a larger, some-more absolute atmosphere purifier, however, there are improved options such a Vax Pure Air 300 Air Purifier, that is somewhat some-more effective, though noisier. Also cruise a Philips Air Purifier Anti-Allergen.


A intelligent fan and atmosphere cleanser that can keep we cold and your atmosphere pure.

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