Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

What is a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link?

Dyson’s latest fan is, as you’d expect, some-more than usually a fan. I’ll acknowledge that a name doesn’t accurately hurl off a tongue, so let’s mangle it down.

‘Pure’ is all about a atmosphere purifier. Dust, fume and several chemical smoke aren’t good for your health, generally when they’re trapped and built adult in your home. Dyson hopes to transparent all of those up.

‘Hot + Cool’ is about a fan’s ability to chill or feverishness a room, while ‘Link’ refers to a tie to your phone. You can use an app to control a fan and see what it’s adult to, like we could with a Dyson 360 Eye drudge opening cleaner.

Put it together, and a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link is a fan that cleans as it blows and even manages to bond a internet. It’s also severely expensive. At £500, we will have to take atmosphere cleanliness and heating unequivocally utterly severely to cruise this anything other than a luxury. Then again, like each Dyson product I’ve seen, we realize how good it is once we start regulating it.

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Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link – Design and Features

If you’ve ever seen a Dyson fan, you’ll know they tend to have an surprising loop on top, sitting on a corpulent base. That’s a Dyson ‘bladeless’ concept, that has a turbine tucked divided in a base. This creates a fan safer and easier to clean, though crucially a thought is to emanate a smoother airflow.

Speed settings, a timer and an oscillating mode are flattering standard, though Dyson also offers a focused/diffused mode, that lets we switch between a slight blast of air, or a wider, gentler zephyr – room cooling or personal cooling.

There is also a neat sloping mechanism, so we can use a fan on a list or on a floor. The opposite settings and modes work opposite both cooling and heating modes.

As for a purifier, Dyson claims a Pure Hot + Cool Link can mislay 99.95% of allergens and pollutants as tiny as 0.1 microns. That includes pollen, pet dander, bacteria, cover and fumes. The bottom of a fan has a 360-degree atmosphere intake and a potion HEPA filter with a claimed lifespan of 4300 hours.Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link 5

There’s a tiny though accessible arrangement during a front, along with a singular button. The symbol usually handles energy and wi-fi pairing duties, though during slightest it has a phony ring around it that tells we either a fan is in heating or cooling mode. For some-more control options, you’ll have to use a remote. The remote is great; it’s easy to use and even has a magnet that attaches it to a tip of a fan when you’re not regulating it.

Everything we can do with a remote we can also do with a Dyson Link app. As it does with a Dyson 360 Eye drudge opening cleaner, a app lets we see accurately what a fan is adult to. The fan is apparently reduction formidable than a drudge vacuum, though there’s still copiousness to see.

At initial glance, we get simple information about a temperature, steam and indoor atmosphere peculiarity rating. Dig around a small and you’ll find a full remote control section, that lets we switch between heating and cooling, adjust fan speed and a form of heating or cooling you’re after.

There’s a night mode, that dims a arrangement on a fan and uses a quietest setting. You can even set a weekly report to spin on a fan/purifier during specific times and settings. The app also keeps a record of your atmosphere peculiarity measurements, so we can see if your home is in a decent state or if we need to purify a bit more.

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Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link – Performance

The Dyson’s atmosphere tide is well-spoken and constant, and some-more effective during cooling than a unchanging blade-and-cage fan. we generally like a diffused setting, that lets we cold down though feeling like you’re being blown around. Then there’s fan sound – a Dyson is still adequate that we can have effective cooling and still watch TV.

What’s unequivocally considerable is that a Dyson works usually as good in heating mode as it does in cooling mode. It does take about 30 seconds to feverishness up, though once you’re there, a Dyson is able of such energy and volume of prohibited atmosphere that your room will be comfortable in no time. As a heater, it’s a viable choice to a wall-mounted radiators that have to be left on.

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The cleanser component is a hardest to test, though thankfully (at slightest for a functions of testing) we humour from aroused allergies, that creates me a ideal exam subject. While we can’t determine Dyson’s claims about 99.95% of allergens and 0.1 microns, we can contend quietly that I’ve found myself sneezing less. Not scientific, though positively a large deal.

For a some-more design test, we put a cleanser on Automatic mode. The room was a bit dusty, and a app told me a room had a ‘moderate’ rating for atmosphere quality. The fan automatically started up, floating until a app accurate a atmosphere peculiarity was now ‘good’. we afterwards began cleaning, spraying several cleaning materials around, and a Dyson came to life once more.Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

Should we buy a Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link?

There’s no removing divided from a £499 cost tag. That’s a lot for a fan.

Then again, it’s simply a best fan I’ve used, and a fact that it’s also an effective heater means we can use it via a year. Then there are my allergies, that are a scandal of my life. I’m not certain we could put a cost on something that creates me sneeze less, though we know that we have been flattering unfortunate in a rise of hayfever season.

Factor in a Dyson Link app, and a ability to control a Dyson 360 Eye drudge vacuum, and we potentially have an overwhelming dust-busting duo. Suddenly, £499 doesn’t seem like utterly a large ask.


If atmosphere peculiarity is critical to you, you’ll wish one of these.

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