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After an endless hunt for a partner to accommodate their text needs, ALL Access was comparison formed on their cost-effective indication and strong government platform. Beginning in tumble 2018, a ALL Access module will yield Schreiner students with 100% of their compulsory march materials during a significantly reduced cost, enclosed in a cost of attendance. After students register for their courses, march materials are indifferent and away finished for any tyro formed on tyro schedule. Students will afterwards collect adult all materials before a initial day of category in Schreiner Outfitters, or shipped directly to a tyro residence. By providing march materials forward of a initial day of class, a ALL Access module ensures students are prepared for success while dwindling a cost of aloft education.

The ALL Access module is partial of a march element solutions suite, that has helped over 200 institutions save some-more than $350 million on textbooks. The module was stretched in 2017 after a association acquired Rafter assets, serve complimenting’s existent one-price models for aloft education. Applauded for a cutting-edge technologies that assistance colleges and universities renovate a whole routine of march materials government for a student, a campus, and a faculty, ALL Access creates it elementary and affordable for students to get all a materials they need for their courses with a prosaic rate price. This reduced price is factored directly into their tuition, formulating a predicted responsibility and assisting students fight a rising cost of textbooks, with assets adult to 50% or more. Equally important, a module helps to boost tyro success by providing a march materials they need from Day 1.

“At Schreiner, we have prolonged believed that ensuring undergraduate students have all of their compulsory march materials on or before a initial day of category is vicious to tyro success,” pronounced Bill Muse, Vice President for Administration and Finance during Schreiner University. “Textbooks are not optional; they are integral. The ALL Access module provides us a collection to conduct this well and effectively. The resolution allows us to check and strategically conduct a university’s investment in march materials, and a formation with a ERP creates it a seamless process.”

Schreiner University was a colonize in a institution-wide all thorough indication launched by Rafter. They played an instrumental purpose in a growth of a in-tuition text program, providing profitable insights on how to fight rising text costs with a prosaic rate price for all march materials. The establishment is gratified to partner with to safeguard a successful long-term sustainability of their elite comprehensive business model.

Matt Montgomery, President and CEO of, commented on a Schreiner partnership:

“The ever-increasing cost of march materials final an choice proceed to safeguard students have a march calm they need and are prepared for educational success from Day 1. The ALL Access module dramatically reduces march element costs for students, including giveaway shipping, streamlines adoptions for faculty, and eventually drives educational outcomes. Faculty suffer a educational leisure to adopt calm in their elite format, regardless of publisher or platform. We are anxious to acquire Schreiner University to a ALL Access module and extol this establishment who is creation college affordability a priority for their students.”

According to Bill Muse, “Faculty adore a ALL Access module both since they can start training a initial day, and since a adoption apparatus is so discerning and helpful. Students adore it since they travel in a bookstore, uncover their ID, and they are handed their gold of books — no shopping, no stress, and no apart cost. ”

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About ALL Access ALL Access is amplifying tyro success by providing an comprehensive resolution to discover, manage, and discharge march materials. The ALL Access program, partial of a Course Material Solutions suite, helps institutions yield 100% of their students with 100% of their compulsory march materials – imitation or digital – for one, low flat-rate fee, enclosed on a tyro bill. Faculty and administration advantage from an discerning online adoption apparatus with a educational leisure to select a calm and format that best serves a needs of professors and students, regardless of publisher or platform. Students suffer poignant assets off of stream text prices, all delivered to their doorstep or preferred campus location. Learn some-more during

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