ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit Review – Intel Bay Trail-M System For Under $135

ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit – World’s Smallest Windows Based Mini PC

ECS ELITEGROUP has been around for scarcely 3 decades and over that duration of time a association has turn one of a heading OEM corporations, though they also have a consumer side of a product line where they make mostly motherboards along with other equipment like All-In-One PCs and even tiny tiny mini PCs. Legit Reviews recently got a possibility to lay down with ECS and was means to plead a new middle changes, learn where a association is headed and take a demeanour during some of a recently expelled products along with some formula new ones.

We schooled that ECS did some sincerely poignant restructuring due to a fact that a excellence days of motherboards is left and that they need to variegate over only motherboards. ECS was late to marketplace with Intel Z97 formed motherboards and has no evident skeleton to recover any Intel X99 boards, so examination into that as we like. ECS remarkable that PCs are still here and still being used as people still need a computing machine, though needs have changed. In Jun 2014 ECS introduced a LIVA Mini PC Kit, that is being marketed as being a world’s smallest Windows formed mini PC pack and is a complement that we are reviewing today. ECS also has launched a renewed concentration on channel branding and is going to make a pull to make ECS famous as a association with a ‘best cost contra performance’ products.


One of a products that ECS hopes to take off is a LIVA MINI PC Kit. People adore tiny PCs and a Intel NUC and Gigabyte BRIX array has been offered like prohibited cakes with thousands of units shipping a month. ECS saw this as an rising marketplace with intensity and wanted to come out with an affordable build-it-yourself mini PC that still has adequate energy to do what we wish to do when we are on a PC though violation a bank. That is no easy task, though it looks like ECS did a sincerely good pursuit on a hardware and configured a complement with an Intel BayTrail-M SoC (Intel Celeron Processor N2807), 2GB 1333MHz DDR3L memory, 32GB or 64GB of eMMC memory and a M.2 form cause combo wireless label that supports 802.11b/g/n wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. All a hardware we need to implement Windows 8.1 or Linux comes with a kit, so we only need to arrange a pieces and slap on a OS. It should be remarkable that no motorist support is accessible for any other Windows OS due to fact there is no storage motorist accessible for a SanDisk eMMC storage resolution for Windows 7.

The ECS LIVA 32GB indication runs $164.99 shipped on Newegg, though right now it is only $132 with a special promo code. When it comes to pricing it looks like ECS has taken a flattering assertive proceed as a immeasurable infancy of tiny Intel Bay Trail-M mini PCs cost some-more and come though memory and a storage drive. For instance a Intel has a NUC DE3815TYBE house by itself with a reduction absolute Intel Atom E3815 1.46GHz processor and 4GB of eMMC memory, that is good for only OpenELEC or Linux and they are seeking only underneath $145 shipped. ECS is giving we a improved processor and 8 times a storage ability along with a DRAM, box and energy adapter.


Today we’ll be holding a demeanour during a ECS LIVA MINI PC KIT with 32GB of eMMC for storage needs. ECS is now regulating a Intel Celeron N2807 22nm dual-core processor, that has a bottom time of 1.58GHz and a turbo time of 2.16 GHz for this kit. This processor only came out in Q1 2014 and is a plain tiny 4.3W TDP processor with Intel HD Graphics that can support twin displays and even Intel Quick Sync Video. When a ECS LIVA MINI PC Kit came out only dual months ago it was powered by a Intel Celeron N2806, that is 10MHz slower on a CPU, has slower 1066MHz DDR3L memory support and didn’t have Intel Quick Sync Video support. If we are looking during reviews of a ECS LIVA MINI PC greatfully keep that in mind as a ones created in June, Jul and early Aug all were expected powered by a rather opposite processor.


The ECS sell wrapping it well-crafted and done from environmentally accessible materials with soy ink used for a color. When we open adult a box you’ll find a rather peculiar middle strap that explains how ECS came adult with a name LIVA for this product. It looks like ECS total a difference ‘living’ and ‘life (Viva)’ to come adult with LIVA and hopes that this product will assistance we live a improved life.

ECS Lina Mini PC Retail Packaging

When we lift adult all a flaps you’ll fast remember that a ECS LIVA Mini PC Kit is a pack that we have to assemble. ECS includes all indispensable inside a box, reduction a Operating System. For this examination we’ll be installing Windows 8.1 x64, though we can implement Linux, OpenELEC or whatever else you’d like. ECS designed a LIVA for Windows 8.1 x64, so we rarely advise regulating a OS that this height was designed to run on for a really best user knowledge possible.

ECS Lina Mini PC Accessories

Here are all a hardware pieces that you’ll find inside a sell box. There are 8 pieces that we contingency arrange together and a tiny Philips screwdriver is indispensable to tie down a Wi-Fi card. ECS claims that we can arrange a LIVA in 40 seconds. Certainly we could, though we advise holding your time as we don’t wish to mangle anything and a dual wireless receiver connectors are intensely tiny and need to be delicately connects. That said, we feel assured observant that many anyone could arrange a LIVA and do is successfully in only a few minutes. The many formidable thing is attaching a wireless antennas to a inside of a box with a double sided fasten and joining them to a tangible wireless card. The motherboard is reason in with cosmetic tabs, so we only mountain a antennas, reason a wires aside, cocktail a ECS BAT-MINI house in and afterwards implement a wireless label and bond a antennas. Simple right? Why didn’t ECS do this during a factory? ECS pronounced they felt people would wish to have a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) experience, though we consider it comes down to income and that by doing it this approach ECS doesn’t have to compensate employees to arrange it.

Let’s pierce along and take a closer demeanour during a ECS BAT-MINI motherboard that is a heart and essence of this mini PC.


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