EE Finally Unveils Orange Wednesdays Replacement

When EE announced that it would stop a ‘Orange Wednesdays’ partnership with cinemas around a UK it seemed as yet a universe had, for one brief moment, turn definitely pointless.

EE reliable that it would be replacing a graduation with something that was some-more in gripping with a complicated age we now find ourselves in. Well they’ve found a deputy and it comes in a form of a use you’ve substantially never listened of.

The mobile network has announced EE Film Club that will give we one £1 film let by Wuaki.tv, an online film and TV let use that launched in a UK a few years ago.


If we haven’t listened of Wuaki.tv afterwards don’t panic, they’re still flourishing in a UK and notwithstanding their relations shade a use has an considerable portfolio of a latest films including early releases of ‘Interstellar’, ‘Fury’ and ‘Gone Girl’.

There’s also a far-reaching preference of indie hits such as Jake Gyllenhaal’s dual thrillers ‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Enemy’.

If there’s a downside to all of this it’s that Wuaki.tv is only another use that you’ll need to pointer adult for, so while we won’t have to compensate a subscription it’s one some-more login and cue that you’ll eventually come to resent.

Thankfully a film preference is so good we competence be too bustling enjoying yourself to get truly wound adult about it.

The graduation starts on a 30 Mar 2015. Simply content a word ‘film’ to 141 and you’ll be sent a promotional formula behind that we afterwards enter in during a finish of a checkout routine when renting your film. You’ll afterwards be means to watch it on any tablet, smartphone or Smart TV that has a Wuaki.tv app.

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