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Achieving Effective Identity and Access Governance Webinar

Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a heading IT and information government investigate and consulting firm, currently announced it will horde a investigate webinar patrician “Achieving Effective Identity and Access Governance” featuring Steve Brasen, investigate executive of endpoint and temperament government during EMA.

Identity and entrance government (IAM) collection and practices have developed to turn a initial line of invulnerability for ensuring craving security. However, even a many extensive IAM solutions turn ineffectual if users and administrators are not following determined processes. Identity and entrance governance solutions harmonise a policy-based controls that capacitate organizations to accommodate craving IT certainty and correspondence initiatives. While many security-conscious organizations commend temperament and entrance governance as vicious to their business performance, many are misleading about that specific practices and solutions will yield a biggest advantages to mitigating risks but stopping user capability and IT experiences.

During this webinar, Brasen will yield an overview of a pivotal commentary from new primary investigate on temperament and entrance governance and exhibit actionable superintendence on that approaches are many effective for enabling process management, certainty controls, and correspondence achievement.

Topics of contention will include:

  • Defining a range of temperament and entrance governance, including essential processes and automation tools
  • Identifying a many common temperament and entrance governance mandate and hurdles
  • Establishing and simplifying extensive temperament and entrance auditing and examination processes
  • Minimizing administration efforts and associated costs while achieving temperament and entrance governance goals
  • Achieving high certainty in a efficacy of IAM resources for attaining certainty declaration and regulatory compliance
  • Enabling temperament governance practices but disrupting business operations

The webinar is Tuesday, Nov 5 during 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Registration is accessible at: http://info.enterprisemanagement.com/achieving-effective-identity-and-access-governance-webinar-pr

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Founded in 1996, EMA is a heading attention researcher organisation that specializes in providing low discernment opposite a full spectrum of IT and information government technologies. EMA analysts precedence a singular multiple of unsentimental experience, discernment into attention best practices, and in-depth believe of stream and designed businessman solutions to assistance their clients grasp their goals. Learn some-more about EMA research, analysis, and consulting services for craving line of business users, IT professionals and IT vendors during http://www.enterprisemanagement.com.

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