Epson EH-TW6600W Projector Review

What is a Epson EH-TW6600W?

The TW6600W is a new LCD projector from Epson, designed to adult a spec of final year’s TW6100W but significantly upping a price. Key facilities embody Wireless HDMI connectivity, 3D playback, endless colour-calibration collection and a energetic iris complement that will hopefully run a bit some-more sensitively than a TW6100’s did!

Epson EH-TW6600W – Design and Features

For a initial time in an age Epson’s almost altered a pattern of a home cinema projectors. Gone is a common mainly mounted lens and startlingly far-reaching shape; in is a strikingly asymmetrical figure featuring a gush on a right-hand side wrapped around an off-centre lens with all a on-unit buttons, and dual lens-adjustment ‘wheels’ also sitting over to a right of a tip edge. The usually things on a left side are a subtly designed opening on a front corner and a cover on a tip for accessing a projector’s flare bay.
Epson TW6600W
Connections on a categorical projector physique contain dual HDMIs, member video input, a combination video input, a VGA input, an RS-232 pier for complement integration, dual USBs, and a stereo mini jack audio outlay if we wish to pass audio perceived around a HDMIs to an outmost audio system.

The many engaging component of a TW6600W’s connectivity, though, comes from a wireless HDMI conductor that accompanies it. This provides 4 HDMI inputs for joining mixed sources – a good alleviation on a twin HDMIs many projectors are singular to – and a singular HDMI outlay if we wish to hardwire a conductor to a video device for some reason, and a USB outlay supposing as a accessible approach of charging adult a singular span of 3D eyeglasses we get giveaway with a TW6600W.

It’s good to find, too, that one of a HDMIs supports a MHL custom for easy playback of calm stored on mobile devices.

Handily a receiver finish of a Wireless HDMI complement is built into a projector’s framework rather than requiring an outmost box, and a tie routine is engagingly effortless. You usually switch a conductor on, carrying connected your things to it, and afterwards select a wireless tie from a projector’s menus. Full HD and HD 3D are both upheld around a wireless engine, by a way.

Turning to a TW6600W’s imaging specification, it is, of course, a Full HD projector built regulating an LCD visual complement – as common with Epson. It claims a energetic contrariety ratio of 70,000:1, and a high liughtness for a £1700 cost turn of 2500 Lumens. These total review with 40,000:1 and 2300 respectively on final year’s TW6100W.

Epson TW6600W

It’s value stressing, too, that a TW6600W’s light outlay stays a same with both white and phony content. Unlike single-chip DLP projectors, that use a colour wheel, there’s no rebate in light outlay when display colour on Epson’s ‘3LCD’ designs.

Other facilities of note embody a crosstalk-reducing 480Hz expostulate for 3D viewing, a approach a 3D conductor is built into a projector’s body, a operation of design presets including vital room and cinema modes, an intriguing Auto Colour Optimiser, Epson’s Super Resolution estimate for creation images demeanour crook and some-more detailed, and a built-in stereo audio system.

As we’ve pronounced many times before, putting speakers in a projector is frequency an ideal option, given that these speakers fundamentally finish adult sitting some stretch from a screen, so that a sound they furnish sounds dislocated from a action. However, it’s also mostly not accessible to have to find a apart audio complement to run with a projector. So it’s good to find that Epson seems to have taken a intensity audio duties of a TW6600W surprisingly seriously, contracting a stereo orator complement able of thumping out a claimed 20W of power.

Epson EH-TW6600W – Setup

The TW6600W is scarcely easy to get adult and running. The wheels on a tip corner capacitate we to optically change a TW6600W’s images left, right, adult and down over a morally far-reaching range, creation it elementary to get images rightly positioned on your shade – or even, potentially, in a right place on your wall. The wizz ring around a TW6600W’s lens delivers a healthy 1.6x zoom, and there are elementary screw-down legs to assistance we scold for any slight slopes your building or mount competence suffer.

Fine tuning a TW6600W’s cinema around a onscreen menus can be as concerned a routine as we wish it to be. Although if you’re not a assured tinkerer, there’s a reasonable array of design presets (‘Colour Modes’) available, including a new Auto environment that seemed morally effective in some ways during a tests. Its usually problems are, firstly, that with grainy films a Auto colour mode did tend to make a pellet demeanour a bit unnatural, and secondly, that you’re given most 0 contend in how a Auto mode impacts pictures.
Epson TW6600W

The non-auto design presets let we excellent change flattering most anything, though, from gamma and white change controls by to in-depth colour management, sound reduction, and possibly a video estimate engine is optimised for speed or precision. You can also change a grade to that Epson’s Super Resolution engine – that boosts a image’s sharpness and apparent ‘pixel density’ – is in play.

The usually things we’d really suggest about a settings are never regulating Super Resolution aloft than a ‘1’ level, to stop images looking loud or stressy; never regulating sound rebate unless you’re examination customary definition; and withdrawal a automobile iris on possibly a Fast environment or, for reasons we’ll get into later, branch it off.

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