Equipment Leasing Group of America, LLC (ELGA) to Exhibit during a 2018…

Equipment Leasing Group of America, LLC (ELGA) will be exhibiting during a 2018 NAELB Annual Conference, Apr 26-28, during a ancestral Flamingo Las Vegas resort.

The discussion is sponsored by a National Association of Equipment Leasing Brokers, a premier classification ancillary a nation’s heading equipment-leasing brokers with modernized business tools, abounding appropriation sources and a network of absolute offered resources.

This year, a CEO of Illinois-based ELGA, Brian Trebels, and Executive Vice President Brent Trebels will acquire discussion attendees during Booth #110 during a Flamingo on a famous Las Vegas Strip.

The annual NAELB Conference is a principal inhabitant forum and effective marketplace for anticipating apparatus financing, providing opportunities for institutional borrowers to accommodate top-level appropriation sources face-to-face in an efficient, veteran setting.

This year’s NAELB discussion thesis is “In it to win it …” The discussion will underline judicious sessions on operational efficiencies, keen recommendation from attending funders on improving lease-approval ratios, strategy for sales-team recruitment and management, and tip techniques for offered and offered choice forms of financing.

Said ELGA CEO Trebels, who is a member of NAELB’s offered committee: “This is an critical discussion for us and for everybody in a industry. Established in 2009, ELGA IS a inhabitant middle-market ubiquitous lessor, charity both credit and material shaped solutions able of doing investment-grade to structured transactions. In further to a really rival credit comforts on offer, we say clever and prolific relations with over 50 other lending sources, private investors and inhabitant and general banks.”

Added Trebels: “This allows us to offer all forms of required credits for all forms of apparatus with a custom-tailored structure that works best for any customer. Each transaction is delicately matched to credit, collateral, yield, tenure and size.”


The NAELB Annual Conference


April 26-28, 2018


Booth 110

Flamingo Las Vegas

3555 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, NV 89109

About ELGA

ELGA was shaped by veterans of a leasing attention with over 40 years total knowledge in formulating tradition apparatus solutions. Where other lenders destroy to accommodate needs, ELGA provides apparatus financial solutions for A, B, and structured credit profiles. As an eccentric financing partner, ELGA is singly matched to offer a needs of middle-market businesses. Leases from ELGA have enclosed craving software, assembly-line apparatus for manufacturers, high-end evidence and surgical-suite apparatus for medical providers, and required construction apparatus such as excavators and bulldozers.


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