EWS Group Partners with Constellation Payments to Elevate MoversSuite…

EWS Group currently announced a new partnership to yield efficient, software-integrated remuneration solutions to relocating and storage companies.

Through partnership with Constellation Payments, a heading tellurian gateway and businessman services provider with special imagination in program integration, MoversSuite program users can now facilely routine repeated and one-time payments directly within a MoversSuite program interface but carrying to routine exchange outward of a software, or manually submit repeated exchange into their program any month.

Closely tied to improving a payments knowledge is EWS’ latest MoversSuite program release: a new remuneration couple that enables MoversSuite users to take one-time credit label payments from their business for singular invoices. A repeated billing homogeneous is set to recover in a entrance weeks.

“We’re intensely vehement to partner with Constellation Payments,” says Peyton Moore, President of Moving Group, EWS Group. “The ability to routine payments within a MoversSuite program alone will save a clients hours of operational time any week. Add a new remuneration couple to that, and a remuneration routine has turn most quicker and some-more fit for both a clients and their customers.”

Through a Constellation Payments’ partnership, MoversSuite users will also accept competitively-priced businessman estimate rates, industry-leading information security, and direct, frontline patron support.

With control of their possess exclusive remuneration transaction gateway, Constellation Payments can simply follow exchange from a indicate of sale by to a gateway and eventually a processor. This finish 360-degree perspective of remuneration activity enables Constellation Payments to yield quick, detailed, and manageable patron support to a businessman customers.

“We’re anxious to work with EWS and yield this value-added remuneration member to their program offering,” says Angela Summa, Director of Business Development with Constellation Payments. “It’s equally sparkling to know that a further will assistance relocating and storage companies streamline and facilitate their remuneration process, and urge altogether business.”

MoversSuite program clients that are meddlesome in training some-more about a partnership should hit a EWS Group during 970.256.1616 or by email during sales(at)ewsgroup(dot)com. For some-more information on Constellation Payments, call 888.244.2160 or email sales(at)csipay(dot)com.

About Constellation Payments

Constellation Payments is a heading tellurian gateway and businessman services provider with special imagination in program formation and repeated transactions. By investing in building a state-of-the-art infrastructure, and partnering with best-in-breed vendors, a association has turn a trusted, single-source remuneration record and support partner to program companies, franchisors, approach sales organizations, and vast merchants via a US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, a UK, a EU and Southeast Asia. Constellation Payments offers a operation of remuneration estimate solutions from competitively-priced businessman accounts and repeated billing solutions, to hosted remuneration pages and remuneration gateway services. For some-more information, revisit Constellation Payments.

About EWS Group

EWS Group has been providing solutions to customers’ formidable problems for over a decade with a bargain that business is some-more than usually materials, resources and spreadsheets – it’s people. This is demonstrated in a group’s joining to building and operative usually with solutions that urge a knowledge of all a people concerned in using a business. EWS Group is a Microsoft Gold Certified partner and specializes in Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP solutions. In addition, EWS Group has specific imagination in a Moving and Storage Industry with a MoversSuite product line. For some-more information, revisit EWS Group.

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