exklim introduces eX Core™ – a World’s First, Portable eGPU that…

Our engineers have worked for some-more than 5 years on eX Core, seeking and building a many modernized record to emanate an outmost graphics label with a absolute opening accessible today,

exklim currently introduced a eX Core™, a world’s first, unstable eGPU that turbocharges your computer, branch any laptop or desktop into a absolute gaming rig. eX Core™ sets out to yield gamers, Bitcoin miners, students and on-the-go professionals with a lightweight, high-performance resolution to run any application, during any time. The eX Core™ is now live on Kickstarter.

As games and applications are apropos graphically demanding, executive estimate units (CPUs) are being rendered useless. While CPUs might be quick adequate to run a game, a graphics energy is limited. The eX Core™ solves this problem by opening adult a doorway for any mechanism to have a same high-end graphics or pattern capabilities as even a many modernized computers – during a fragment of a cost. It leverages NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1050 Factory OC during 1680 MHz and high bandwidth GDDR5 vRam to run a many graphically perfectionist PC games and video applications on a market.

“Our engineers have worked for some-more than 5 years, seeking and building a many modernized record to emanate an outmost graphics label with a absolute opening accessible today,” pronounced Edgar Eliseo, owner and CEO of exklim®. “The biggest plea we faced was energy consumption. Thanks to NVIDIA’s newest architecture, we were means to maximize potency to build and move a world’s initial unstable eGPU to market.”

In further to using any gaming or video application, a eX Core™ provides a available and inexpensive ascent resolution for laptops. Rather than carrying to quit to a new laptop each year to boost graphics performance, a eX Core™ allows we to keep yours by upgrading to a newest eX Core™ during a stream time and opening – saving a poignant volume of time, income and risk of losing files.

“As a gamer myself, we adore mobility, laptops and design, and we associated to a need for a unstable eGPU that packaged a energy punch,” continued Eliseo. “Our idea with a eX Core™ is to develop a mechanism industry, enabling users to have a leisure they need to knowledge peculiarity and opening – from anywhere, during anytime.”

Other eX Core™ facilities and specifications include:

Box Content

  •     eX Core™ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 w/4GB
  •     Thunderbolt™ 3 (USB-C™) Cable
  •     Compact 90W USB-C energy adapter
  •     exklim® Welcome Manual
  •     exklim® Carrying Case


  •     eX Core™ Size (5.9’’x4.1’’x0.8’’) | Weight 1.57 lbs. / 0.71 kg.
  •     2x Intel® Thunderbolt 3 Ports
  •     1x HDMI 2.0b audio and video outlay Port
  •     USB-C DC-IN Port
  •     Compact 90W USB-C energy adapter w/Power Share Charge-Laptop adult to 40w

For information and to pre-order a eX Core™, revisit exklim’s eX Core™ Kickstarter Campaign Page.

ABOUT exklim

exklim has set out to change a destiny of record by building and bringing a world’s smallest unstable eGPU, eX Core™, to market. Its group of sequence entrepreneurs, electronic designers, product designers, engineers and a supply sequence consultant shares a prophesy for seeking and building a many modernized record to emanate commercially viable products. exklim is formed in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To learn more, revisit https://exklim.com.

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