Eye-Fi Pro X2 Review

Eye-Fi cards have been around for some time now. The SD card-sized inclination not usually store your camera’s photos on internal memory though embody a Wi-Fi chip, permitting we to upload your photos to an online store though carrying to mislay a label from your camera. They’re immensely useful if operative on plcae as we can also have a files seem on your laptop as shortly as they’re uploaded.

Now a association has been determined a while it has branched out a operation to offer a series of variations on a Eye-Fi thesis with Connect X2, Geo X2, Explore X2 and Pro X2. The inclination themselves are all physically identical, looking as they do like customary SD cards, though differ in a services compared with them.

Connect X2 is a entrance turn indication charity a 4GB capacity, wireless uploads to your mechanism and online print store; Geo X2 adds geotagging (using a Wi-Fi formed tagging service); Explore X2 adds hotspot entrance (just supplement your 3rd celebration hotspot record in sum and divided we go) and bumps a ability to 8GB; and Pro X2 finishes a operation off with a serve of Ad Hoc networking (no need for a third celebration network) and RAW uploading. All cards can be upgraded to supplement these facilities serve down a line. So that’s a stream range, and currently we’re looking during a top-end Pro X2 so let’s see how it fares.

The label itself is definitely uncelebrated from a customary SD label solely for a branding and eye-catching orange livery. It comes in a label and cosmetic box that keeps a device good stable and thankfully isn’t a finger-cutting scald pack. Included alongside a simple though amply ominous instruction primer is a rather corpulent USB-to-SD label reader. We’d have favourite to see an integrated USB connector like on a inventive OCZ Trifecta though we can conclude that with carrying to fit a Wi-FI adapter into a label as well, there simply might not have been space.

Setting adult a Eye-Fi Pro X2 takes a bit of time, creation we implement (and no doubt update) a program that comes on a card, register an comment with Eye-Fi and set adult your initial wireless network, though given 10 mins or so and we should be prepared to go. Pop a label in your camera and we can start gnawing away, saying a formula seem on your mechanism as we go. Log into your Eye-Fi comment on a website and you’ll also find a formula prepared and watchful for you.

We tested this many simple functionality of a Pro X2 regulating a Canon EOS 550D DSLR, that like a series of complicated cameras natively supports Eye-Fi cards, permitting we to capacitate or invalidate Eye-Fi uploads, check what Wi-Fi you’re connected to, and see that photos are being uploaded around a flashing Wi-Fi symbol. If your camera doesn’t support Eye-Fi cards, tatter not, as a label will simply work of a possess accord, automatically doing a thing in a credentials while appearing to a camera like a customary SD card.

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