First Rate Announces Investment Performance as a Service (IPAAS)

First Rate, a heading provider of resources government solutions, currently announced a launch of IPAAS, Investment Performance as a Service, a new vital partnership proceed enabling providers of resources government record a subscription-based capability to benefaction investment opening calculation within their platform. Unlike a normal proceed to implementing a opening stating height or commanding a new record strategy, IPAAS is designed to support a subscribers’ existent height to broach best-in-class opening information and stating by a seamless integration.

“Best-in-class solutions outcome from a multiple of domain imagination and comprehensive concentration on elucidate a sold problem. IPAAS allows subscribers to continue to concentration on differentiating their domain area and expanding their product offering, while not carrying to rise imagination in a new area,” pronounced First Rate’s Chief Product Officer Marshall Smith. “IPAAS is about lenient a subscribers to grow their end-to-end platforms. IPAAS now expands a subscribers’ capabilities, expertise, and resolution abyss while not distracting them from their core focus.”

IPAAS utilizes absolute cloud-based APIs, in further to other complicated formation fashions, to assistance fintech providers, custodians, broker/dealers, and other height providers broach strong opening calculations and element abounding datasets. By coupling First Rate’s proven processes to consume, aggregate, calculate, audit, and normalize portfolio information with a ability to outlay opening numbers on demand, a subscriber can accept a information in a demeanour that is fit and easy to broach to their investors.

With some-more than 28 years of delivering investment performance, First Rate allows subscribers to fast enlarge their capabilities while delegating to a proven provider during a pardonable cost. The new subscription charity (IPAAS) allows providers to broach investment opening while scaling to accommodate a needs of subscribers with hundreds of thousands of accounts, building a substructure of trust and trustworthiness with their opening data.

“WealthTech providers who know their value tender and partner with others to build a best-of-breed capabilities will be a ones that tarry in a prolonged term,” pronounced Will Trout, comparison researcher during Celent. “IPAAS is an innovative proceed to leveraging a cloud-based subscription indication for a use that is traditionally suspicion of as a complicated footprint complement for resources managers. More than simply integrating data, IPAAS enables providers building end-to-end platforms to broach a best-of-breed capability set within an all in one environment.”

Contact First Rate currently for some-more information about Investment Performance as a Service.

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