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Flairsoft leverages Izenda inside a Flairdocs software, enabling users to emanate reports and dashboards in genuine time for actionable insight.

Leveraging Izenda inside Flairdocs, users can use accessible information fields and drag and dump to emanate reports and dashboards in real-time, and share a outlay with managers, stakeholders, regulators, and other meddlesome parties.

Izenda, charity a self-service business comprehension (BI) and analytics height for OEM use by program companies and solutions providers, currently announced that Flairsoft has stretched a chartering attribute with Izenda. This IT consulting and program solutions association serves open utilities and state clients with Flairdocs – a web-enabled program product that manages a formidable widespread skill merger and agreements compared with genuine skill and Right-of-Way negotiations.

Organizations, focus companies, and governments in a Right-of-Way attention are underneath augmenting regulatory and rival vigour to urge operational potency and yield users a ability to investigate information in real-time, from anywhere, including mobile devices.

Flairdocs is a apartment of cradle-to-grave solutions that support skill life cycle supervision with end-to-end tracking and business routine automation for all aspects of Right-of-Way merger and land supervision projects. This includes a acquisition, construction, maintenance, and recover phases. Automated coherence creates Flairdocs a ideal fit for all from highway, tube and electrical delivery projects, to renewable appetite and communication sectors. Flairdocs ensures plan accountability, information security, and authorised correspondence by an integrated GIS and mobile prepared solution.

“Izenda aligns with Flairdocs’ rarely configurable, innovative and scalable web-based resolution that replaces outdated, time immoderate primer processes for request generation, request management, and reporting,” pronounced Nick Kulshrestha, Vice President of Operations during Flairsoft. “Not usually does this automation and inclusion of authorized support within a focus workflow and presentation discharge ecclesiastic errors and intensity authorised issues, though absolute business comprehension and information analytics capabilities yield a discernment indispensable to make in-the-moment vital decisions needed to effective negotiations.”

Strict Federal and State laws and regulations oversee how right-of-way and other skill exchange are conducted and recorded. Flairdocs allows for real-time execution of a several forms, agreements formed on tangible templates and reports compared with a transactions. This gives utilities and supervision agents mobile entrance to impending skill information, such as skill owners information, skill authorised descriptions, and compared rights. The representative can cgange those agreements while on site during a negotiations and contention them for authorised approval. This real-time entrance streamlines a right-of-way traffic process.

Izenda’s embedded analytics resolution powers real-time stating and dashboards that yield information formed on project, geography, standing of skill merger and other parameters an classification might need to uniformly conduct their projects. Izenda provides Flairsoft business a approach to conduct information and incompatible state regulations compared with these projects some-more well and effectively.

“Leveraging Izenda inside Flairdocs, users can use accessible information fields and drag and dump to emanate reports and dashboards in real-time, and share a outlay with managers, stakeholders, regulators, and other meddlesome parties,” says Flairsoft’s Kulshrestha. “Izenda’s ability to confederate with a confidence indication to conduct user roles and entrance rights to BI functionality and data, along with Izenda’s support for multitenancy creates it easier to conduct and guard vast projects and expansion as we scale and enhances confluence to correspondence mandates. These were pivotal drivers in a preference to name Izenda as a elite integrated BI resolution provider.”

The Izenda Flairdocs formation also brings advantages for training initiatives. New employees can perspective interactive dashboards that denote proven methods and strategies. Organizations can some-more well learn a art of successfully negotiating an easement agreement with a skill owner, while shortening training losses by adult to $500,000 per year.

About Flairsoft

Flairsoft is a energetic information record organisation and a approved tiny business portion federal, state and blurb clients opposite a United States given 2001. Its flagship product, Flairdocs, is an innovative, web based, business routine supervision resolution grown by Flairsoft in 2003. Flairsoft uses state and sovereign supervision experience, joined with blurb best practices, to commission a business in a merger of business capabilities.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Flairsoft has bend offices in Montgomery, Ala. and Tampa, Fla. and sovereign operations in Fairborn, Ohio nearby Wright-Patterson AFB. For some-more information, revisit http://www.flairsoft.net. Connect with Flairsoft on LinkedIn http:// https://www.linkedin.com/company/flairsoft.

About lzenda

Izenda offers a self-service business comprehension (BI) and analytics height designed for eccentric program vendors, solutions providers and their customers. Izenda embeds seamlessly in applications to broach BI and analytics directly to a people who need it many – a users of your application. Our integrated BI height allows finish users to simply analyze, visualize, and share profitable information and insights in genuine time.

Based in Atlanta, Ga. and founded in 2007, Izenda is used by some-more than 10,000 organizations on a daily basis. For some-more information, revisit https://www.Izenda.com. Connect with Izenda on Twitter (@Izenda), LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/Izenda), and Facebook.

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