Flipside Crypto Closes $3.4 Million in Venture Funding From True…

Flipside Investment Club Results

We’ve proven a algorithms can broach estimable ROI, while simplifying a routine of appropriation a basket of cryptocurrencies for investors.

Flipside Crypto (flipsidecrypto.com) is gratified to announce it has sealed a $3.4 million try collateral turn for a data-driven cryptocurrency investment vehicles. True Ventures led a financing round, with appearance from The Chernin Group, Resolute Ventures, Boston Seed Capital, Converge and Founder Collective. True Ventures Partner Adam D’Augelli will join Flipside Crypto’s Board of Directors.

Flipside Crypto will use a appropriation to continue to rise and labour a algorithms, that investigate speculation, developer function and token application for cryptocurrencies. In addition, a appropriation will be employed to serve rise Flipside Crypto’s apartment of cryptocurrency government services, including cryptocurrency acquisition, digital walleting and control services.

“This financing turn will build on a extensive outcomes from a initial 6 investment vehicles,” pronounced Dave Balter, CEO of Flipside Crypto. “We’ve proven a algorithms can broach estimable ROI, while simplifying a routine of appropriation a basket of cryptocurrencies for investors.”

The turn of financing follows a launch of Flipside Crypto’s initial 6 investment vehicles. Launched in 2017, a vehicles implement Flipside’s algorithms to investigate a glass cryptocurrency marketplace and brand a diversified basket of 14-16 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, as good as a array of altcoins bar members can deposit in.

In a initial 5 months, Flipside Crypto’s hallmark Investment Club “Club One” almost outperformed a Coinbase Index—which considers a market-cap-weighted allocation of cryptocurrencies accessible on Coinbase including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash—delivering 141 percent lapse contra 115 percent for Coinbase holdings. A Bitcoin-only investment would have constructed a 92 percent return. Flipside Crypto’s “Club Two”, that launched in Nov 2017, has delivered 79 percent lapse contra 43 percent lapse for a Coinbase Index and 11 percent lapse for Bitcoin-only after 3 months of existence.

“We are anxious to partner again with Dave, Jim (Myers), and Eric (Stone) on Flipside Crypto,” pronounced Adam D’Augelli, partner during True Ventures. “They’re proven entrepreneurs and have dynamic industry-leading algorithms for examining a value of cryptocurrencies. While it’s early for a space, we consider Flipside could change how crypto infrastructure is built and funded.”

Flipside Crypto is now usurpation investments from accredited investors for it’s latest investment vehicles.

About Flipside Crypto

Flipside Crypto launched in mid-2017, by a growth of exclusive information models to weigh glass crypto resources and charity a array of investment portfolios associated to cryptocurrencies. The association provides a full apartment of services from algorithm growth to acquisition, digital walleting and control process, as good as village collection and portfolio dashboards for investors. Flipside Crypto is led by gifted entrepreneurs Dave Balter, Jim Myers and Eric Stone, and corroborated by True Ventures, The Chernin Group, Resolute, Founder Collective, Boston Seed Capital, Converge and other investors.

Flipside Crypto’s Investment Vehicles

Flipside Crypto’s investment vehicles yield a portfolio proceed to cryptocurrency investing, providing investors with diversified baskets of cryptocurrency holdings. Holdings are dynamic around exclusive algorithms that weigh speculation, developer activity and application of any cryptocurrency. Flipside Crypto has finished 6 pacifist investment products, providing investors baskets of 14-16 cryptocurrencies formed on a algorithms. The association is rolling out additional investment portfolio products in 2018.    

About True Ventures

Founded in 2005, True Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based try collateral organisation that invests in early-stage record startups. With some-more than $1.4 billion underneath management, True provides seed and Series A appropriation to a many gifted entrepreneurs in today’s fastest flourishing markets. The organisation maintains a clever village that supports founders and their teams, assisting True companies grasp aloft levels of success and impact. To date, True has helped some-more than 250 companies launch and scale their businesses, formulating over 10,000 jobs worldwide. To learn some-more about True Ventures, revisit http://www.trueventures.com.

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