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Fleet Intelligence

Our users are embracing a telematics series and apropos leaders of a industry.

Foresight Intelligence, a heading provider of information analytics software, is gratified to announce a recently-released product, Fleet Intelligence, was named a churned swift resolution for John Deere Worksight™. The new product provides complicated apparatus dealers and contractors a comprehension they need to be some-more productive, work some-more efficiently, and build a rival advantage.

“The telematics series is here,” pronounced Dale Hanna, Foresight Intelligence, CEO. “Dealers and contractors are drowning in strenuous amounts of data. They are revelation us they need comprehension with actionable insights to flower in a new telematics epoch and Fleet Intelligence delivers usually that. Our users are embracing a telematics series and apropos leaders of a industry.”

“We are gratified to combine with Foresight Intelligence to move a dealers an discerning and user-friendly churned swift solution,” pronounced Andrew Kahler, product selling manager, John Deere WorkSight™. “Their speed and responsiveness via a product’s growth has been impressive. We usually implement a best solutions for a dealers and customers, and we’re unapproachable that Fleet Intelligence is now a churned swift resolution provider that is concordant with John Deere Worksight™.”

Fleet Intelligence is a churned swift resolution designed for construction and forestry contractors and dealers. End users can perspective all of their machines, no matter a brand, in one application. The focus delivers map views, charts, and graphs that concede users to strengthen their assets, maximize utilization, optimize appurtenance health, conduct costs, and boost uptime.

“Fleet Intelligence is a robust, flexible, and easy-to-use application,” pronounced Jared Kortje, Manager of Technology during Fleet Intelligence. “We partnered with dealers and contractors to unequivocally know a nuances of their business and afterwards worked fast to rise a product. We were means to recover it in reduction than 6 months and a response has been overwhelming.”

Select contractors and dealers have already sealed adult for a Fleet Intelligence subscription and have success stories to report. In one instance, a 624K loader with a rising front spindle heat was alerted to a intensity problem by a active appurtenance monitoring that Fleet Intelligence provides. In another example, a play was means to warning a executive about a delivery filter limitation before a executive even knew about a problem.

Machine monitoring is usually one of a many facilities that Fleet Intelligence offers. Subscribers can conduct pursuit costs, medicine upkeep schedules, and more. A new feature, a energetic geolayer, allows users to arrange for low function machines and filter a criteria but withdrawal a map view. The director insights underline organizes appurtenance statistics by foreman.

“Contractors and dealers get advantages from leveraging telematics,” pronounced Hanna. “With Fleet Intelligence, they can step into a new epoch and win. Simply put, we assistance them take control.”

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Foresight Intelligence, Inc. is a information analytics program association that focuses on collecting information and providing impending information for intelligent actions. Fleet Intelligence was designed to accommodate a need for a churned swift resolution that provides discerning insights into complicated apparatus fleets. Discover some-more about Fleet Intelligence during

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