FourKites Announces JDA Integration Enabling Predictive Capacity…

FourKites, a marketplace personality in supply sequence prominence and predictive analytics, currently announced it has integrated FourKites Predictive Capacity Management (PCM) with JDA Transportation Management.

FourKites PCM, denounced final week, is North America’s initial commercialized height for automatically and boldly relating shipments that need ride with accessible ability on circuitously tractors relocating toward identical destinations. FourKites PCM automatically predicts a accessibility of private and dedicated swift trucks from a tracking network and boldly matches them to shipper demand.

While relating burden to ability is not a new concept, normal relating technologies and bucket play unsuccessful to proactively foresee lorry accessibility and abandoned either matches could feasibly be executed. Leveraging predictive information scholarship and real-time conditions, such as delays during stops, trade overload and disruptive continue events, FourKites is elucidate both these issues with a tracking network and real-time information analytics.

“This formation is a latest step in a partnership with FourKites, in enabling real-time item prominence around FourKites’ record and a large shipper network,” pronounced Fabrizio Brasca, GVP, resolution executives, JDA. “FourKites Predictive Capacity Management will capacitate JDA business to extend a value of their JDA solutions.”

“At a time when trucking ability is during a record low and patron on-time smoothness standards are attack all-time highs, we are delivering a win-win resolution for shippers, carriers and customers,” pronounced Matt Elenjickal, FourKites owner and CEO. “FourKites Predictive Capacity Management will revoke a cost of shipping products opposite North America by improving a industry’s net efficiency. We’re enabling companies to get products to marketplace some-more fast during revoke altogether handling costs.”

FourKites PCM matches backhaul ability within a JDA customer’s swift with accessible loads from other networked business who have opted in. JDA business regulating FourKites PCM will revoke burden costs by regulating networked private or dedicated fleets to pierce burden that would differently be changed by common carriers or by mark marketplace processing.

FourKites PCM will precedence a network of information on FourKites, a omni-modal supply sequence prominence provider to a world’s largest shippers, including AB InBev, Conagra Brands, Kraft Heinz, Nestlé, Perdue Foods, Smithfield Foods, Unilever, Walmart Canada and many others.

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About FourKites

FourKites is a fastest-growing predictive supply sequence platform, delivering real-time prominence and execution for a broadest network of Fortune 500 companies and third-party logistics firms. Using a exclusive algorithm to calculate conveyance attainment times, FourKites enables business to revoke handling costs, urge on-time performance, and strengthen end-customer relationships. With a network of some-more than 4 million GPS/ELD devices, FourKites covers all modes including ocean, rail, parcel and over-the-road. The height is optimized for mobile and versed with market-leading end-to-end security. To learn more, revisit

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