French Photographer François Dourlen Uses His iPhone In A Very Clever Way

Using iPhones for artistic photography projects isn’t a new thing – though one of a excellent pioneers of such things is François Dourlen.

“Many scenes, situations or places of bland life make me consider of movies, array and cartoons,” he explained in a blog post for Le Huffington Post, in that he also explained his process.

‘Les Photos De François’ are delightful, as we can see below, and engage Dourlen anticipating a plcae (or person) that reminds him of a film scene, researching and anticipating a specific picture he needs, and afterwards returning to a mark – with a picture on his iPhone – and relating a viewpoint ideally so that it fits with a background.

Check out some-more of Dourlen’s work on his Facebook page and on Instagram during @francoisdourlen.

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