Garmin HUD Sat Nav Review

What is a Garmin HUD?

The Garmin HUD is a complement for raised directions from your sat-nav onto your windscreen, so we can keep your eyes on a highway some-more simply as we navigate. It’s designed to work with your smartphone software, holding a routing information from this rather than being a standalone navigation device in itself. It doesn’t work with each app out there. Unsurprisingly, it’s designed to duty with Garmin’s possess software, in sold Streetpilot for iPhone and a Navigon apps for Android, iPhone and Windows Phone that Garmin acquired when it purchased Navigon in Jun 2011.

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Garmin HUD

Garmin HUD: Design Features

The Garmin HUD connects to your smartphone around Bluetooth, and is designed to lay on your dashboard so it can plan onto a windscreen. The device is somewhat shorter than an normal smartphone, though thicker and heavier. It sits on a hinged bottom that has an glue bottom and dual screw holes, so we can insert it resolutely and semi-permanently into your car. Both of these regulating methods competence make we a small worried if we possess a reward automobile we don’t wish to modify. The fact that a device is not meant to be removable is also a regard deliberation how frequently cars are damaged into to take sat navs, or inclination that competence be sat navs.

Power is supposing by a common cigarette lighter socket, and Garmin has solemnly combined a delegate USB socket, so we can keep your phone powered during a same time. However, a smartphone shade doesn’t need to be on to broadcast directions to a HUD. Once a dual inclination are interconnected over Bluetooth, and we have set adult your destination, we can leave a smartphone alone and conduct off on your journey.

However, your smartphone is still a device that is indeed doing a navigating. The HUD is merely a projector. So your phone is providing a audio directions, and also a GPS reception, definition we can’t things it divided in a glove compartment. You will substantially wish to have a dashboard phone caddy with good line of steer by your automobile windows, for a best GPS opening and written authority audibility.

Garmin HUD

Anyone who has used projectors for home party or business presentations will demonstrate that splendid lighting, quite sunlight, is unequivocally problematic. So a device that doesn’t even have a solidly phony shade to plan onto sounds like it will be cursed to disaster unless we are pushing during night. Garmin gets around this emanate by charity dual ways to superimpose a picture on your windscreen – an glue high-reflective patch that we hang to a inside of a glass, and a built-in unclouded shade that attaches directly to a HUD.

Both are flattering effective. We had no problem saying a directions clearly with either, even in splendid approach sunlight. Apart from a traffic, speed and camera warnings, a arrangement uses a light blue-green, that unequivocally does mount out. The black hang in a atmosphere in a approach that is intensely tough to illustrate in a photo, though is rarely visible. At first, a arrangement is indeed some-more mesmerising than a sat-nav screen, nonetheless we fast get used to it.

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