Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D Sat Nav Review

What is a Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D?

The nuvi 2699LMT-D is a center member in Garmin’s new Advanced Sat-Nav Series – yet even yet it’s not a flagship model, it’s still make-up a outrageous 6-inch screen.

The operation starts with a 5-inch 2599LMT-D, and is surfaced by a whopping 7-inch 2799LMT-D, creation we consternation how many of your windscreen will be left to see if this escalation of sat-nav sizes continues.

Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D – Features and Design

The 2699LMT-D is packaged with features. Aside from a 6-inch screen, it comes with maps of 45 European countries, many of them in full detail, for that there are lifetime updates. Garmin’s Digital Traffic is built in, again with a subscription-free use for a lifetime of a device. There’s Bluetooth, so a sat-nav can be used for hands-free calling, yet it can also couple to your smartphone for other purposes. There’s voice control, too.

The categorical dual new facilities are Direct Access and Foursquare Points of Interest (POIs). The former attempts to fight a visit problems that can be encountered when we expostulate towards a vast end such as a song venue or selling centre, where a sat-nav only leads we to a nearest point, when in fact a emporium we wish is closer to a automobile park on a other side.

Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D

For example, when acid for a Brent Cross selling centre, we were given choices of navigating to a Fenwicks and John Lewis sides, that are on conflicting ends of a building and have automobile parks nearby, as good as Marks Spencer, that is in a middle. This isn’t a outrageous new feature, yet could be useful if we need to collect someone adult after a selling trip.

As already mentioned, there’s support for Garmin’s Smartphone Link for Android and iOS. This works in tandem with a built-in Foursquare POIs. The latter supplement user-generated suggestions for restaurants, shops, and so on, yet with an active Smartphone Link a POIs are protracted by some-more notation information, including user ratings, prices and hours of service. You can also check in around your Foursquare account, should we suffer irritating your friends in this way.

The Smartphone Link can also be used to send end information to a sat-nav from your phone’s hit list. Reporting safety-camera locations can be achieved regulating a phone, and there’s a continue use built in, too. Of course, nothing of this should be accessed when you’re indeed driving.

The 2699LMT-D comes with a common suction windscreen mount. However,
the energy wire attaches alone around mini USB on a rear. So hooking
adult and disconnecting a device is a two-part manoeuvre, rather than
the single-click operation of higher-end devices. Still, that’s the
only approach this sat-nav doesn’t live adult to reward expectations, with a
solid build and attractive, no-nonsense design.
Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D

Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D – Performance

As already mentioned, this nuvi features  Garmin’s shining voice authority system. As prolonged as there isn’t too many credentials sound – so maybe spin down a automobile stereo – a voice authority complement is a many serviceable we’ve come opposite in a sat-nav, giving we a trickery to enter an residence or crop a points-of-interest difficulty though touching a sat-nav during all.

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Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D
However, a voice authority complement doesn’t let we hunt for a end by keyword. It works so good since it expects information in a bound format, squeezing down a hunt options. But if we use a Where To? idol in a categorical menu, we can simply enter a few difference by palm to hunt opposite a address, POI, and Foursquare POI databases simultaneously.

maritime knowledge hasn’t altered over a final few generations of
Garmin sat-navs. The tip bar shows a subsequent turning, how distant divided it
is, and a highway name or series to demeanour out for. The map is a usual
colourful presentation, with a large pinkish line arrangement your route. Key
points of seductiveness are shown on a screen, including restaurants and petrol
stations, and we can name any to make a detour.

The speed
limit’s shown on a bottom right, and underneath that is your stream speed. On a right is your estimated attainment time, and in between
is a name of a stream road. It’s a transparent arrangement with only the
right volume of information, and a 2699LMT-D’s 800 x 480-pixel 6-inch
display provides copiousness of manifest detail, nonetheless a potion shade is a small glossy and disposed to reflections in really bright

Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D
can also call adult some-more notation outing data, that is shown on the
right-hand side of a screen. This does confusion a interface adult a
little, yet on a 6-inch arrangement there’s copiousness of room for a map to be
entirely visible. Overall, it’s a really worthy navigational
experience, with timely manifest directions and transparent written instructions
that use landmarks as good as travel names to beam you, that Garmin is
job Real Directions.

Routing is extended by Garmin’s Digital
Traffic, that is radically RDS-TMC trade delivered around a built-in
DAB radio receiver, nonetheless a information is also extended by data
from users of Garmin’s phone apps. The use isn’t as notation as
TomTom’s Traffic, yet it works around a granted automobile energy cable, with
no subscription fees, and updates each minute, so it’ll be adequate to
steer we transparent of many vital jams.

However, we noted
that one of a unchanging criticisms of Garmin’s POIs – a continued
existence of a Texaco hire in a internal area that was rebuilt as
flats 6 years ago – is still appearing as a source of fuel. Garmin
sorely needs a map-correction complement with user submit to arrange little
inconsistencies like this out.

Should we buy a Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D?

petrol stations aside, a Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D is a lot of sat-nav
for underneath £200. You’d need to bombard out around £60 some-more for a TomTom with trade that doesn’t need a smartphone connection,
although a altogether TomTom Traffic use is superior. Nevertheless,
Garmin Digital Traffic is still really capable, and is only one of the
many glorious facilities of this top-value sat-nav.


The Garmin nuvi 2699LMT-D packs in a extensive set of maritime facilities for a good price.

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