Geneva Touring S

What is a Geneva Touring S?

Every bureau and a dog still seems to be churning out Bluetooth speakers – yet Geneva hopes to mount out by introducing some retro flair, not usually in a styling yet in a features. The Touring S is a unstable Bluetooth orator that also includes DAB/FM radio in a vintage-themed casing.

It’s a beautiful small thing, even if a sound peculiarity doesn’t utterly carillon with a high seeking price.

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Geneva Touring S – Design and features

Geneva has finished a poetic pursuit with a styling of a Touring S. My evident sense was that it was meant to be a loyalty to a Leica M3 and other classical rangefinder cameras of yesteryear. It positively has some-more of that demeanour about it than a selected unstable transistor radio.

The steel tip image has all a controls, with a vast dial on a tip that handles on/off as good as volume. This dial’s got a good initial click once a Touring S is incited on, and afterwards turns utterly smoothly. It’s a good thing.

Geneva Touring S 4

Five turn steel buttons in a quarrel are for: radio presets, behind seek/skip, brazen seek/skip, FM/DAB, and Bluetooth. What looks like a sixth symbol is indeed a pull-out telescopic receiver for a radio. There’s usually adequate of a plate around a receiver conduct to get a fingernail underneath it, as prolonged as we don’t gnaw your nails right down.

On a front is a span of grilles. The tip grille is steel filigree and hides a deliciously retro red-LED display, that shines by a filigree when a Touring S is incited on. This display’s flattering simple, nonetheless clear, display a radio magnitude or hire name, Bluetooth pairing status, and a volume turn as it’s changed.

The reduce grille is apparently covering a orator driver, and is accessible in a choice of black, tan or red faux-leather. we had a tan chronicle for testing, nonetheless I’ve got a soothing mark for a some-more vintage-camera-esque black.

Geneva Touring S 5

Around a behind is a Micro USB charging pier and a 3.5mm aux input. The rubber bottom has a pull-back strap that hides a removable rechargeable battery, earnest around 20 hours of playback from one charge.

Geneva Touring S – Sound quality

The Touring S sounds no improved than we competence design for a Bluetooth orator of this distance – generally a bit skinny and fizzy, lacking in roughly any kind of bass, and relocating on adult to oppressive during tip volume. But it’s still minute and low-pitched adequate in a three-way and tip mid-range.

It’s allied to a small UE Wonderboom, yet nowhere nearby as full and appreciative as a Bose SoundLink Revolve.

Battery life did get flattering tighten to a betrothed 20 hours – nonetheless even if it hadn’t, a choice to mislay a battery and cocktail a gangling in there is unequivocally welcome.

Radio accepting with both DAB and FM was surprisingly good, even but a aerial entirely extended.

Geneva Touring S 1

Should we buy a Geneva Touring S?

The Touring S is utterly an engaging proposition, charity both Bluetooth and DAB/FM in a unequivocally grand unstable package. There are surprisingly few alternatives that indeed fit into a trek with room to spare.

However, for a cost (or even less) there are standalone Bluetooth speakers that sound most better. The Minirig is usually £130, has higher sonics and is weatherproofed, while a step adult to a £200 Bose SoundLink Revolve gets improved sound peculiarity still.

Want radio too? The Ruark Audio R1 Mk3 can be bought with a battery container for around £260. Now you’re unequivocally talking. Only usually backpackable, though.

But again, a Touring S still offers a unequivocally neat package – and an unusually nice-looking one during that.

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A neat unstable radio and Bluetooth orator with copiousness of retro appeal, if not a best sonics.

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