Genians Supports IT/OT Convergence by Next-Gen NAC Capabilities

Genians, a attention personality of innovative Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, announced currently a recover of a two-part white paper on stream attention trends in a area of IT and OT convergence. The papers are accessible at:

The transformation toward larger formation of normal Operational Technology (OT) systems with complicated IT infrastructures and business applications, generally in industrial settings, has been underway for a series of years now. The advantages are clear: as OT systems turn increasingly formidable and connected, they need to be means to precedence craving network communications infrastructure and IT operations resources.

Similarly, businesses see a advantage in accessing and examining a information mostly contained within bequest OT systems. However, cybersecurity concerns are of augmenting significance as formerly standalone bequest OT systems are modernized, turn connected to craving network infrastructure, and are so unprotected to a whole operation of information confidence risks benefaction in a universe today. According to Gartner’s analysis, “lack of confidence viewpoint and item visibility, ineffectual confidence countermeasures, and correspondence and interoperability issues are pivotal concerns negligence confidence adoption” in normal OT environments.

Removing obstacles to IT/OT joining is a pivotal plea for enterprises today. Most bequest OT systems will need some turn of upgrading or undisguised deputy in sequence to be manageable, secure, and resilient. This will need poignant collateral expense, as good as engage substantial time and appetite by IT/OT staff to safeguard a compulsory grade of systems interoperability and manageability are achieved.

Successful joining initial requires that all IT/OT systems be manifest as network-connected devices. Genians “Device Platform Intelligence” (DPI) allows full prominence into all IP-enabled network inclination around a smart-sensing record that initial detects their existence but unfortunate their handling state. Genians DPI afterwards fast identifies and classifies all devices, observation them holistically to safeguard they are handling during a top levels of confidence and compliance. From this indicate on, Genians invariably monitors a whole IT/OT environment, determines any departures from set policies, and allows for full device control, including network entrance removal. Importantly, all confidence tasks and procedures can be programmed to safeguard both correspondence and auditable accountability.

IT/OT Convergence will therefore benefaction both hurdles and opportunities during a craving level. It will also means changes in a approach IT/OT services are grown and delivered. By 2020, Gartner predicts, “50 percent of OT use providers will emanate pivotal partnerships with IT-centric providers for IoT offerings.”

Genians is already operative in this mode, partnering with Cimetrics, for example, a universe personality in building BACnet protocol-enabled technologies for modernized distributed monitoring and control systems. Leveraging Cimetrics’ low imagination in IIOT systems communications, Genian NAC is now means to yield extended device prominence and control for securing pivotal industrial systems such as those concerned in appetite management, building controls, HVAC systems, and some-more – precisely a modernized capabilities indispensable to capacitate full IT/OT convergence.

With a modernized network access-control solution, proven by 13 years of successful care in a confidence marketplace, Genians continues to promote a extensive expansion of organizations in mixed attention verticals toward rarely effective IT/OT formation and secure systems management.


Genians (KOSDAQ: 263860) reimagines Network Access Control (NAC) for a IoT era. Genians helps say full prominence and control of all network resources and ensures they are handling during a top turn of confidence and correspondence around on-premise or cloud-based deployment. Genians secures millions of several endpoints in organizations of all sizes and industries, including tellurian Fortune 500 companies, a government, a military, energy, finance, healthcare, education, and more. Genians keeps operative to build a improved confidence enlightenment in a connected universe by teaming adult with village and attention leaders around a world.


Cimetrics has granted M2M networking products to a automation industries given 1991. Since a BACnet customary was initial published in 1995, Cimetrics has been deeply concerned in BACnet’s ongoing growth and promotion. We co-founded a BACnet Manufacturers Association (now BACnet International), and we launched a BACnet Testing Laboratories. Our BACnet associated products have been employed by many manufacturers of building automation systems and apparatus universe wide. Cimetrics offers a extended line of BACnet hardware and program products. Our program offerings embody BACstac™, a heading third-party BACnet custom stack, that is embedded in many BACnet-compliant products. We also offer BACnet network interface products, BACnet routers, and program collection used by product developers and systems integrators. We have many years of unsentimental believe collecting real-time information from a far-reaching operation of networked building automation systems, industrial automation systems, and metering systems. Using this knowledge, we offer consulting services to building owners handling formidable automation systems that need reliable, secure networks.

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