Gigabyte Brix Pro Review – GB-BXi7-4770R

We Finally Get To Try Out The Gigabyte Brix Pro

We initial saw a Gigabyte Brix Pro Ultra Compact PC Kit in Sep 2013 during a Intel Developer Forum and now fell in adore with a pint-sized complement due to a hardware inside. Gigabyte managed to fit a Intel Core i7-4770R 3.9GHz quad-core processor  along with Intel’s absolute new Iris Pro 5200 integrated graphics in a form cause that is usually 62 x 111.4 x 114.4 mm or 0.79 Liters in size. We recently got a hands on a Gigabyte Brix Pro GB-BXi7-4770R, that is a flagship indication that runs $649.99 and shipping if we are propitious and can find a tradesman that isn’t out of batch during a moment. The Gigabyte Brix Pro is usually accessible in singular regions and usually accessible in black and red with a Intel Core i7 4770R processor. It should be remarkable that a $650 cost tab includes a DIY PC pack that includes a Brix Pro, 802.11ac mini PCIe wireless label and a energy adapter and cable. You still need to squeeze a dual-channel DDR3L SO-DIMM memory pack and a mSATA Solid-State Drive and/or a 2.5″ drive, that will supplement to a cost of this build.

Gigabyte Brix Pro Ultra Compact PC

We’ll be holding a demeanour during a Gigabyte Brix Pro GB-BXi7-4770R in black today. This PC facilities a 4th Generation Intel Core i7-4770R ‘Haswell’ processor that runs during 3.2GHz (3.9GHz Turbo) and Intel Iris Pro 5200 graphics. This is a really best of a integrated graphics fortitude that Intel has to offer and is a same one used in some of a high-dollar Apple 2013 iMacs. This is a complement that is directed during high-end users that wish a absolute CPU and graphics able of personification some games and using a 4K or mufti-monitor setup.

Gigabyte Brix Pro GB-BXi7-4770R Features:

  • Intel 4th era Core i7-4770R processor
  • Intel Iris Pro graphics 5200 w/ 128MB of EDRAM or embedded ram
  • Supports 2.5” density 7.0/9.5mm Hard Drives (1 x 6Gbps SATA3)
  • Ultra compress PC pattern – 0.79L (62 x 111.4 x 114.4 mm)
  • 1 x mSATA SSD Slot
  • 2 x SO-DIMM DDR3L Slots (1333 / 1600 MHz)
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.0 Mini-PCIe card
  • HDMI and Mini DisplayPort Outputs (supports twin displays)
  • 4K fortitude outlay (4096 x 2304 around HDMI)
  • 4 x USB 3.0
  • Gigabit LAN
  • Headphone jack with S/PDIF
  • VESA ascent joint (75 x 75mm + 100 x 100mm)


Inside a sell wrapping you’ll find a BRIX Pro, energy adapter, energy cord, VESA ascent plate, screws for a ascent image and VESA joint and afterwards finally a instructions and a motorist disc. I’m not certain because any association bothers to boat motorist discs in this day and age, though we have a duplicate of a already old-fashioned drivers on it!

Gigabyte Brix Pro

On a tip of a Gigabyte Brix Pro we have a energy symbol with an activity/status light built-in. It should be remarkable that a silken black aspect horribly shows fingerprints, so have your cleaning cloth prepared if fingerprints worry you. On a front row we have a span of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports and for audio connectivity there is a SPDIF audio a front row connector. This will be useful in Home Theater scenarios that use an A/V receiver. A good apportionment of a front housing is a filigree cover for softened airflow and on a side of a Brix Pro there are also movement slots.

Gigabyte Brix Pro Back

On a behind of a Gigabyte BRIX Pro you’ll find both Mini DisplayPort and HDMI ports on a back panel, enabling support for coexisting twin arrangement connectivity. The GIGABYTE BRIX Pro also supports a latest 4K displays by charity support of shade resolutions of adult to 4096 x 2304 around HDMI. You also have a Kensington Security Slot, DC energy in, Realtek Gigabit LAN and another span of USB 3.0 ports. The prohibited empty atmosphere from a CPU cooler is blown out of a vast movement hole above a back input/output ports and there are some-more vents and slots for cold atmosphere to enter on a side of a box and next a back I/O panel. Cooling a strong Intel Core i7 4770R processor is going to be a duty as this high-end chip is rated as being a 65W partial underneath customary bucket scenarios, though can strech around 85 Watts underneath impassioned bucket situations. Gigabyte is going to need a brawny cooler with a high CFM fan to keep this heat using cool. In a past that has meant you’ll finish adult with a loud system, though we’ll see if Gigabyte came adult with a good solution.


The energy adapter that is enclosed with a Giabyte Brix Pro is a 135W indication with a DC19V outlay (7.1A) done by FSP Group. The accurate indication series is FSP135-RSEBN2 and we’ve run opposite this energy adapter before on All-In-One (AIO) systems and little PCs. This energy section has a energy potency turn rating of V, that means it has to be 86% fit during low voltage and 87% fit during customary voltages. It also contingency have a loyal energy cause of 0.9 or larger during 100% of rated bucket when tested during 115 volts @ 60Hz. This energy section does have a conspicuous bemoan to it and can be listened in a still room generally during low loads.


We’ve lonesome a basis of a Gigabyte Brix Pro, though before we get to benchmarking and opening testing, let’s initial take a demeanour during a inside of a DIY PC pack and uncover we how we built ours.


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